Lam Ngai (5E)

One day, I took the MTR home. As it was the peak hour, I found that the compartments were full of people. There were two men and a woman in the middle of the compartment. One of the men was carrying a lot of boxes, which looked very heavy. But he did not put them on the floor. Another man was holding the handle tight. The woman was tired and fell asleep.

Then, the train stopped abruptly and the lights went off. I did not know what caused the train to stop so suddenly. I lost my balance and nearly fell down. At the same time, I heard a bang as if something was knocked into another.

We did not know what had happened until the lights were on again. To my surprise, I found the man who carried a lot of boxes fell on the floor and the boxes were scattered on the floor. Worst of all, the man broke his glasses. The woman who fell asleep looked very frightened and painful. The man who held the handle tight also got hurt. What had happened?

I could imagine that when the train came to an abrupt halt, the men and woman all lost their balance and knocked into one another. At first, I thought a quarrel might be inevitable. But they behaved politely and said sorry to one another. We helped the men to pick up his boxes and everything resumed to normal again.

I learned from this incident that we should not fall asleep on the MTR train. For safety, we should put our heavy belongings on the floor and keep a watchful eye on them. We should also offer a helping hand when an accident occurs.


CE English (Syllabus A) 2000

Question 3