Chung Chi Ling (5E)

According to a survey, Hong Kong students' health is getting worse. Why? It is because Hong Kong students do not get enough exercise in their daily life.

Hong Kong is a small island, but is densely populated. People live in cramped conditions. As a result, most of the land is used for residential purpose. So, it leaves limited space for building sport facilities. School life in Hong Kong also makes students feel nervous. They have to spend most of the time on studies. Because of insufficient time, Hong Kong students are not able to get enough exercise.

Apart from these, Hong Kong students are too lazy to do exercise. They think that doing exercise is not necessary and a waste of time. Doing exercise takes time. Lack of patience is one of the reasons students do not get enough exercise.

What should they do to keep fit? If you really want to keep fit, you must make up your mind first. Every day you should spend about 30 minutes doing exercise, such as rope-skipping, playing basketball and playing badminton. If you live near your school, you can walk to school instead of taking a bus. Even more practical, you can help your mother to do some housework. It can help you and your mother and improve the relationship between you and her. In the long run, spending more time doing exercise instead of doing other less useful things can make you healthier.

Keep fit and be healthy. Start now!


CE English (Syllabus A) 2001

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