Lam Ka Ying (5E)

Last weekend, my friends and I went camping. We experienced many unlucky things. Fortunately, we were safe and had enjoyable time.

That morning, we assembled at Central Ferry Pier and went to Lantau Island by ferry. It took about one hour. Then we needed to climb up a mountain. On the way, we saw beautiful green plants on both sides of the path and several cows were grazing on the field. Several farmers were working in the field. What a pretty view!

After trekking for a long time, we could not find our destination. We knew that we lost our way. Meanwhile, the sky turned dark and rain started to pour. We looked at the map but we failed to find the way.

Night came fast but we were still walking on the hill. Everyone was tired. So, we decided to set up the tent. Unfortunately, we could not light up a fire in the rain. We were very hungry. As a result, the only thing we could eat was the soaked bread.

After eating, we were so tired that we were all asleep. As I was hungry, I stayed awake. Suddenly, I heard a terrible noise outside. "It must be a tiger roaring," I thought. Out of curiosity, I decided to take a look. But there was nothing outside. Suddenly, I saw a shadow moving. I was so scared that I screamed loudly. My friends asked me what had happened. When I looked at the shadow again, it was just a cat.

Finally, we all laughed and fell asleep quickly. The next morning, the rain stopped and we finally found our way. We were glad that we had overcome so many difficulties.


CE English (Syllabus A) 2001

Question 3