Cheung Ka Ho (5C)

I never had enough pocket money. I always had to ask my parents for more. But last summer that changed. It was because my parents were both unemployed. They couldn't give me pocket money anymore. As my family had no money, I had to earn money in order to solve the financial problems. Therefore, I decided to find some summer jobs.

At the beginning of last summer holiday, I took three summer jobs. In the early morning, I delivered newspapers. Then I worked as a salesman in a supermarket in the afternoon. After that, I rushed to a restaurant and worked there until mid-night.

Every day, I needed to wake up early and went to bed late. I felt very tired after working for a whole day. I thought it was worth working hard for my family. At the end of the summer holiday I got my wages. As I had good performance, my boss gave me a bonus. The money I earned could help me solve the financial problems in my family. At the same time, my parents got new jobs. Therefore, I need not work anymore.

From this event, I know that my parents work very hard each day, so I will put more effort to my study.


CE English (Syllabus A) 2002

Question 1