Chen Fung Fuk (5E)

Dear Sir,

I write to complain about the service of your amusement park. Last weekend, I had a terrible day there.

First, the environment was disgusting. We were shocked to see rubbish like cans, bottles and paper all over the ground. There was nobody on duty at the food stall. I saw the prices of the food on the board: hamburger $80, soft drink $45. The prices were unreasonably high. Second, the facilities were far from enough. Only Roller Coaster and Spaceship were opened for visitors, so many visitors were queuing up for a long time. Finally, some kids were allowed to take the Fun Car without wearing a safety belt. They were standing up when the Car was moving. So, I think the service was unacceptable.

I think you should improve the quality of your service. First, the prices of food should be lowered and there should be people on duty there all the time. Second, provide more facilities for visitors and take all safety precautions.Third, employ adequate workers to keep the park clean and pleasant. Finally, enforce the safety rules and forbid people to play on the Fun Car.

I think improving the quality of service will enhance the image of your park and attract more visitors. Hope that you take notice of my suggestions.

Yours faithfully,------------------
Chris Wong-------------------

LLi Lam Wai (5E)

Dear Sir,

I strongly complain about the service of your amusement park. It looks like a rubbish dump.

Last weekend, I went to the park with great excitement. But it was extremely dirty, with a lot of rubber strewn on the ground such as banana peels, cartons, plastic bags and so. It was supposed to be an amusement park, but Fun Cars were closed and so there Ghost Train and others. Only Spaceship and Roller Coaster were opened. But visitors had to wait for long hours. After one hour, I was so tired that I could not wait any more. Then, I wished to buy a drink. The price of a soft drink was $45 and that of a hamburger was $80. How expensive they were! So I was hungry and thirsty but I was very angry.

Finally, I hope your company will take positive action to improve the bad services.

Yours faithfully,------------------
Chris Wong---------------------


CE English (Syllabus A) 2002

Question 2