Lee Pak Chun (5E)

As Pat Chan is my friend, I think she should win the Best Student Leader Award. In the eye of me, she is an all-round student.

Being a F.5 student, Pat not only concentrates on study but also takes an active part in activities. She involves herself in sports and services. She is good at running and swimming. Every weekend she practises these sports. She is also an active member of the student union. She has got service awards several times. After school she also takes part in voluntary work.

Maybe you think Pat can't do well in study as she is so active in activities.-But Pat can make good use of her time. She not only performs well at work, but also has a brilliant academic record. She often comes first in the class.

Pat is always kind and helpful. Looking at her from any angle, we can't deny she is a perfect student leader. So I believe she should win the Best Student Leader Award.

Kong Ho Hoi (5E)

It is without doubt that my best friend, Pat Chan, is the best student leader. He is chairman of the student union. He takes charge of many duties and tries his best in his work. Although he has a variety of duties, he gives plenty of time to study. He studies very late at the library.

Pat is polite and friendly. So he can make friends with other students easily. He likes helping students and teachers. He does not hesitate to offer help when people have problems.

Pat is fond of sports. He likes playing basketball very much. He practises at least one hour each day. He joins many interest clubs, Maths Club is a case in point.

Pat is an all-round student, so he is the best student in my school. We take pride in having a brilliant student leader. It is our wish that Pat can will the Best Student Leader Award.


CE English (Syllabus A) 2002

Question 3