Have you gone to an English-speaking country? Are you thinking how to pass your English in HKCEE? You will have a very special experience and a big improvement in your English if you study in an English-speaking country during the summer.

Studying in form four is not tough, so most form four students have more free time to learn new things. If they feel bored in summer, going to an English-speaking country is good for them.

A form four student is about 15 to 16 years old. At this time, they will have a lot of questions and feel interested in everything. If they go to another country, they can learn more new things.

In an English-speaking country, everyone speaks English. Students must speak English when they talk with others. It gives them a lot of practice. It will build up their confidence to speak English. So they will get good results in the HKCEE.

It will be a good chance for students to learn how to look after themselves. In Hong Kong, parents prepare all the things for their children, but it will spoil them. Students will meet different kinds of people in an English-speaking country. It is a good chance for them to learn how to become more active and independent.

My cousin Chris is a form four student. He does not like to talk with others. He always plays computer games by himself. Last summer, he went to England. When he came back, he changed a lot. He always laughs and becomes more active than before. We are glad to see his changes.

It is a good choice for form four students to study in an English-speaking country during the summer. It not only brushes up their language skills, but also brings positive changes in life.


CE English (Syllabus A) 2003
Question 2

Lo Man Hung (5E)