Wong Siu Man
(5E) 2003

I went to the country park with my classmates by bus. When we arrived, I saw a beautiful reservoir. There were many green trees and high mountains around it. It was a good place for holiday.

After walking for a while we found a barbeque site. Then we met an old man who carried a stick. He told us not to come close to the reservoir since there was a horrible monster in the water. I felt a little scared, but my classmates did not believe it. They laughed loudly and thought it was nonsense. We walked away. We did not care what the old man said.

Afterwards, we found the barbeque site and set the fire. Some girls were cooking and chatting around the fire. Some boys were playing badminton happily. I walked towards the reservoir. I enjoyed the magnificent scenery. I looked at the water, which was clear and blue. Suddenly a strange object jumped up from the water. It was a horrible monster. It had three eyes and a big mouth with sharp teeth. It was very huge and looked like very fierce. It seemed I had provoked its anger. It wanted to catch me. I got into a panic, but I managed to flee. The other two boys also ran for their lives. I ran as fast as possible. After some time, I was out of breath. The monster grabbed me and wanted to eat me as dessert. I was so scared that I screamed loudly 'Mother, help me! Help!'

When I opened my eyes, I found that I was in my bed and there was no monster. Then my mother came in and said, "What's your problem? Get up quickly. It's time to go to school. Then I knew it was just a terrible nightmare. I thank God that the monster has not eaten me. I am still alive.

Ng Pik Kwan
5E (2003)

We had a school trip last Friday. It was a happy but terrible trip. I think it was so exciting that it gave me an unforgettable memory.

Last Friday, we took the school bus to our destination Shing Mum Reservoir. It was so beautiful! There was a bright sky with no clouds. Green hills were surrounding the blue, clear reservoir. We walked close to the reservoir so as to see it clearly.

Suddenly, an old man approached us and told us to leave. He said, "Dear children, there is a strange monster in the reservoir. The monster has three eyes but no ears or noses. It has a huge mouth with five sharp teeth. Its hands are huge. If you stare at it, it will be angry and eat you." When I heard that, I felt really scared. But the boys took no notice of the warning. They laughed and treated it as a joke.

The old man disappeared at once. Some of the girls and I took the old man's words and did not dare to come near the reservoir. But two boys were playing near the reservoir. Mary was also brave enough to enjoy the scenery near the reservoir.

All of a sudden, a strange creature came out from the water. It had three eyes, a huge mouth and two big hands. It was the same as the old man described. The monster moved towards the boys and stretched its two big hands to catch them. Mary and the two boys were so frightened that they could hardly move. "Help! Help!" At that moment, no one could offer help. After a few minutes, the monster left us and disappeared. So terrible it was!

I learn a good lesson from the terrible trip. We should never turn a deaf ear to adults' advice. We will pay a high price if we ignore it.


CE English (Syllabus A) 2003