Ng Shuk Ying (5E)

Dear Pat,

I have read your e-mail. I understand your problem is so difficult to solve. I am not sure whether I can help you, but I will do my best.

Frankly speaking, you had made a decision in your mind already when you sent me the e-mail, but it seems you are still puzzled. So you want me to support your decision. You should face the problem bravely and your future is in your hand. Nobody can help you except you yourself.

I realize you want me to give you a piece of advice, don・t you? Let me tell you my opinion. If I were you, I would go to Shanghai with my parents. Family is too important for me and I can・t lose contact with it. You can choose different friends, but you can・t choose another family. I believe you can make many new friends in Shanghai and you will be as happy as you are now. Ask your parents・ opinions face to face. They love you so much that they will tell me the right way. Besides, you should consider your parents・ feeling. Maybe you think they go to Shanghai because of job, but perhaps they do so because of you. They want to give you the best. Finally, do you think you will be happy when you stay in other people's home?

Although my opinions may not be useful to you, I just want to tell you to face the problem with your own courage. If you don・t trust yourself, it is quite painful. I'm glad to hear good news from you.


Chung Chun Chung (5E)

Dear Pat,

You told me in the e-mail that your mother got a job in Shanghai and you didn't know whether you should go with them or stay in Hong Kong with your aunt. In my opinion, you should stay in Hong Kong with your aunt.

Why do I think you ought to stay in Hong Kong? Firstly, if you go with your parents, you have to give up your study in Hong Kong. And you need a long period of time to adapt to new circumstances, such as a different language, a new living environment and new classmates. You will get sick easily if you can't overcome the problems within a short period of time. Moreover, the study in the new school will be more demanding than your old school's. Therefore, if you choose to study in Shanghai, you have to deal with homework that will pile up. Can you cope with all these problems?

In my view, if you stay in Hong Kong with your aunt, you can evade the above-mentioned problems. You will not feel lonely because your aunt will take care of you. If you want to visit your parents, you can go any time by plane. You can also keep good contact with your parents by letters, phone calls, e-mails or ICQ. There is no need for you to think of your parents all the time as you have numerous ways to keep regular communication.

Finally, I wish you could solve this problem with ease and open a new page of your independent life. Please don't hesitate to talk with me if you have other problems.



CE English (Syllabus A) 2004

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