Lee Kwai Ying(5E)

I think Fiona Au is the bravest teenager in Hong Kong. Last summer, I went with Fiona to Sai Kung for hiking. When we set out, it was sunny with a clear sky. On the way, the sun disappeared and dark clouds gathered. As we were walking along a path, strong winds blew and heavy rain poured down.

Suddenly, without warning, I fell into a river. The water was so cold that I could hardly hold on any longer. I screamed hysterically and struggled desperately. In confusion, I heard Fionaˇ¦s voice, ˇĄChris, catch the branch!ˇ¦ With one hand clinging to the tree, Fiona stretched out a branch. I caught the branch tightly. Then Fiona used all her strength to pull me out of the water. At last, I was saved from drowning.

I think Fiona is a brave teenager and she has innate kindness. When I was in great danger, she risked her life to save me. She was able to keep calm in the critical moment. In my mind, Fiona is a brave, intelligent teenager.

Ng Shuk Ying (5E)

I think Fiona Au is the bravest teenager in Hong Kong. Last summer, if I had not met Fiona, I thought I couldn't have survived the ordeal.

Under my parents' encouragement, I joined the orienteering. In this event, I worked together with a stranger - Fiona. She gave me the impression of a shy, timid girl. I thought I needed to help this weak girl a lot. Actually, I was wrong.

At the outset, everything seemed fine. Birds were singing, flowers were smiling and the sun was shining. Trouble began when we lost our way and then the weather turned bad. Heavy rain kept pouring. The path became muddy. Unfortunately, my feet slipped and I fell into the river. I screamed hysterically as the river was flowing along rapidly. When I was in a desperate situation, Fiona told me to keep calm and hold on. Then, she fetched me a twig but it was too short to reach me. I sobbed sadly because I realized death was imminent. Fiona did not give up. She threw her body towards me so that the twig could reach me. After several attempts, I finally got hold of the twig. When I left the water, Fiona hugged me and we burst into tears.

Without Fiona, I could not live. Her brave act deserves the Hong Kong Police 2004 brave teenager award.


CE English (Syllabus A) 2004

Question 3