Lam So (4B)

I left home at 7 this morning. At first, I went to the Hong Kong Spaceport as I had to take the rocket to the moon. When I arrived at the Hong Kong Spaceport, I saw some people getting into a grand rocket. I followed them and a few minutes later, the rocket started.

Time flew! In the blink of an eye, I arrived at the moon! The buildings on the moon were very tall and grand. Apart from that, the design of the buildings was quite extraordinary. After a while, I reached the Space Hotel. The hotel looked like a turtle. I went into the hotel. In the lobby, I saw a spaceman. He was different from me. He had only an eye which was in the middle of his face and his nose was long. Moreover, his ears were on the top of his head and he had a big mouth. He uttered some words, but I didn't understand what he said. And then, he put a small and black box into my ear. Then strange things happened. I understood what he said. The spaceman told me that he was a local guide. And then, he took me to travel around the moon.

First, he said I should have a dinner so he took me to the hotel's restaurant. There was nothing in the canteen but some toothpaste in the bottle. I felt strange and disappointed. The spaceman gave me a bottle of toothpaste and asked me to eat it. I tried a little first, but it was delicious, so I ate up all the toothpaste.

After dinner, he took me out of the hotel. And we took a small car to the seaside. The sea was very blue and around the sea were some high mountains. There was some fog on one of the mountains. I thought it was a volcano. But the spaceman said it was a cloud mountain. He said that all the cloud in the sky came from this mountain. After a while, the spaceman introduced some strange flowers to me. The flowers looked like stars and they were very sparkling. The spaceman told me that they were the stars we saw in the sky.

For the rest of the day, the spaceman took me to see a lot of strange but wonderful things. It would leave a long-lasting memory on me!




CE English (Syllabus A) 2005

Question 1