Cheung Ying Ying(4E)

Dear Sammy,

I was glad to receive your letter and thanks for your trust.

After reading your letter, I also sympathize with your friend. But stealing was a serious crime, your friend might end up in prison. Although she wasn't caught this time, what about next time? Moreover, she might steal more and more expensive things. There would be grave consequences. So, you could not conceal the truth. I understand your worry. On the one hand, you sympathize with your friend and want to help her. On the other hand, you really know that your friend has done something wrong. You are at a loss to do anything.

In this case, I suggest you should tell your teacher or the social worker your friend's problem and ask them to help her. I think they will cope with the matter in an appropriate way. In addition, you can talk to your friend and advise her to do more exercise. It can help her to set up a healthy life-style. What's more, you should help her to make more friends to broaden her horizons and extend her social circle. She will feel loved and concerned. As well as this, you can take her to the church. Maybe she will get some spiritual comfort. She needs to earn money by the right way. It's best for her.

I hope my advice can help you to relieve you and your friend's anxiety. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask me.



Pang Chun Na (4A)


Dear Sammy,

I am shocked to know your friend's bad behaviour. I think whatever the reason is, stealing is wrong and illegal. So you should advise your friend not to commit crimes.

Actually, I sympathize with your friend's situation. But what you should do is telling her that we cannot get money by an illegal way. If not, you will get the money but lose your conscience. Stealing is never a proper way to solve problems. It never makes people become rich but only makes them greedier and greedier.

You should bring her to surrender herself and tell the truth to teachers. If you cover her up, you are not helping her but let her fall into the abyss of crime.

In fact, you should support her in another way, such as helping her to find a part-time job or seeking help from the social welfare organizations. Her school will surely help students with financial difficulties. You can borrow some money to her when she is in urgent need. After doing the above, she will know that many people care about her.

Hope to hear the good news from you soon.




CE English (Syllabus A) 2005

Question 3