Mo Tung Long (5A)

Dear Sam,

How are you? I'm glad to hear from you and know that you live well.

Last summer, our school won both the girls' and boys' basketball championships. As you know, I am a member of the team. I'm so happy that I write to you, hoping that you can share our joy.

Before the final game, we worked so hard and had daily practice after school. It made me so tired that I wanted to give up several times. Anyway, I made it, didn't I?

That day we were so nervous that we lagged far behind in most of the time. But our coach helped us to regain confidence. We didn't feel nervous anymore. Then we got more scores and won the game finally.

After knowing the results, we were all very happy and felt really excited! We jumped, laughed and shouted. Not long after we were silent because we were so tired.

At last, we had a celebration at school. We caught every schoolmate's attention! I really hope that you can share my happiness!

Warm regards,

Tong Ming Ni (5A)


How are you getting on? I wish to tell you some good news about my school. We won the girls' and boys' basketball championships this summer. As a member of the team, I feel excited.

At the beginning, most of us were not skilful players. The coach spent lots of time training the teams. He inspired us by his well-known words:"Where there's a will, there's a way." His encouragement made us more confident.

When the matched started, everybody scrambled for the ball fiercely. At the last second, I successfully scored a goal to the delight of a cheering crowd. The final result of the match was 62 to 60. We won the game by a narrow margin.

The victory made us crazy. We burst into tears because we used up most of our spare time in exchange for the victory. I had mixed feelings and shed my tears. I was so impressed with our fierce battles.

I was really happy that our teams won the championships. I would never forget such an exciting moment of triumph. I wish you were there to share our joy.

I'll write to you soon.

Best regards,

Cheung Ham Wong (5E)

Dear Sam,

How are you? I am pleased to tell you that my school has just won the girls' and boys' basketball championships. Let me tell you about the mach.

Before the finals, our coach trained us in a tough way. Every day, we could not leave school until seven o'clock. I never thought of winning the match as the contesting team was strong. I just wanted to try my best.

When I stood in the court, I felt that it was filled with an atmosphere of suspense. In the match, all the players scrambled for the ball. Of course, we tried to get more points, but our opponents were also good at playing basketball. Therefore, the scores were so close. There were two seconds left when the electric signboard indicated the scores obtained by the two teams were 50:52. All the spectators thought that we would lose. I seized the last chance and shot the ball fiercely. Then our supporters jumped high. I couldn't believe it until I held the trophy. I managed to get the last three points. The victory came just like a dream.

I don't know how to describe my feelings. I just let you know so that you can share my joy. Do tell me what you feel in your reply.

Chris Wong


CE English (Syllabus A) 96

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