Tse Wan Yu (5A)

Our school is going to hold an English-speaking Day. It aims at giving students more practice of using English.

There would be a lot of advantages for us to have an English-speaking Day. Firstly, as English is an international language, we must try our best to learn it. We need to use English to communicate with foreigners. On that day, all students are expected to speak English at anytime. No Cantonese should be used. It would be a good chance for us to practise our speaking skills and boost our confidence when speaking English.

Moreover, different clubs and societies can set up some game stalls with interesting games such as puzzles and word games. It is an effective way to attract students to learn English. In our daily life, we speak Cantonese all the time. Therefore, we can only come in touch with English in the English lessons. The English-speaking Day will give us a rare chance of improving our English.

However, it also gives rise to some difficulties. Firstly, it is not easy to achieve the aim of the function as many of us are quite shy to speak English. Also, it is certain that some students are not willing to observe the rules. They insist on using Cantonese and refuse to participate. Moreover, the success of the Day depends largely on students' good learning attitude. We admit that some students are passive learners.

Hey, how about your opinion of having an English-speaking Day?



CE English (Syllabus A) 96

Question 2