So Ngan Ling (5E)

It was a day of sorrow. Cat went to the airport to see Chris off. Because of their family feud, Chris, being compelled to go to Toronto for his family business, had to leave Cat. "We must keep in touch, mustn't we?" Cat said. "Yes, I'll never cease to love you, even though I have to go to the other end of the world." Chris said, bowing his head and kissing her. Cat was moved to tears.

It was a sunny day. The sun was sprinkling the golden sunshine on the sand. However, the bright sunlight could not expel the darkness in Cat's mind; the hot sand could not warm her ice-cold heart. Cat was sad because she heard about the news that Chris got married in Toronto. "Ah, I wish I could roam across the beach and watch the sun set with him," Cat thought. Memories of past events rushed into her mind and she was overwhelmed with grief.

She did not notice that three men had been following her for some time. A man who wore striped T-shirt approached her. "Are you Cat?" the man asked. She nodded. "I saw your photo at Chris' s home in Canada. Chris has been ill. He has not heard from you for so long. He thought you had got married. He is sad and has fallen ill because of you." the man said. "Oh, what a terrible misunderstanding! I have written to him many times but I have never heard from him. Oh, how cruel our parents are! They have arranged everything." Cat spoke angrily.

Cat rushed to the airport and took the first plane to Toronto. The loving couple met and finally got married despite their parents' opposition.

Chung Chi Ling (5E)

Peter and Mary fell in love for a long time. They deeply loved each other. One day, Peter had to leave Hong Kong to work in another country. Mary was sad to hear that. At the airport, Mary did not say a word, looking depressed. Peter held Mary's hands tightly. Their eyes were red. Mary stood still to see Peter board the plane. She stared at the plane until it disappeared in the sky. "Good-bye," she whispered.

After that day, Mary went to beach every day to recall the romantic time she and Peter had there. She was not a happy girl she used to be without Peter.

One day, while Mary was walking on the beach, three men approached her. A man in striped T-shirt and jeans was called David. He had a round face with short black hair. He smiled with two dimples. "Hello! David said. Mary ignored him. Although David felt a bit disappointed, he did not give up and kept on talking to Mary. Mary was not interested at first because she missed Peter very much. As time went by, Mary began to accept David and listened to what he said. They got closer and closer. Mary's smile reappeared.

Two months later, David fell in love with Mary. But he knew that Mary still loved Peter. He was right. When Peter came back, Mary forgot David altogether. Everything was the same as before, except that there left a sad man - David.


CE English (Syllabus A) 96

Question 3