Wong Yuet Ming (5E)

The number of people committing crime has risen this year. The crimes range from stealing, raping, gang-fighting, kidnapping, robbery to homicide. In view of the seriousness of the situation, we have to analyse the causes of crime so that proper steps can be taken to solve the problem.

I think the luxurious life of the rich may tempt some young people to get rich by any means, even by illegal ways. As traditional Chinese culture which places great emphasis on virtue has lost its influence, young people do not give any thought to spiritual matters. They seem to ignore 'inner life'. They judge people by what possessions they own, what brand names they buy and what clothes they wear. They want to be beautiful, fashionable and outstanding. Without enough money to spend, they commit crimes to satisfy their vanity.

Many other factors also contribute to the rising crime rate. The unconcerned parents do not take care of the children who may fall prey to triad elements. Our exam-oriented education system fails to meet the needs of young people.

To prevent young people from committing crimes, parents play an important role. Parents should communicate with their children every day and pay more attention to them so that they know their parents love them. Besides, parents and teachers should teach the young people that the values of life are not the glorification of wealth and the extolling of fame. Apart from these, better cooperation between police and citizens can effectively reduce the number of young people committing crimes.




CE English (Syllabus A) 97

Question 1