Tam Yee Man (5A)

Dear Ronnie,

How are you getting on? Do you get along well with your parents? What are you going to do this weekend? We cry when we are sad. What do you do when you are very happy? When I feel cheerful, I write to you. Are there any people whom you particularly admire? I am very happy in school this year because my form teacher is the best teacher I have ever had.

Miss Ng is my favourite teacher. She teaches us History. She is a most responsible person. She has a pretty appearance with an oval face and a pair of clear dark eyes. She impresses people very much. I like her lessons very much because her voice is soft and sweet. She is full of youthful spirits and enthusiasm. She is indeed a nice teacher.

She devotes much time and attention to teaching History . She is full of enthusiasm with regard to her teaching. Her lessons are interesting and inspiring. Once she taught us how to write an essay. As the essay was difficult, only a few students managed to submit homework the next day. She did not punish us. Instead, she taught us patiently to write it.

She is full of sympathy. Every Sunday, she goes to the community centre to do voluntary work. Last holiday, she went camping with our class. We had a happy time. She is so friendly and humorous. Miss Ng is the best teacher in my heart.

Who is your favourite teacher? Please write to me. I look forward to receiving your letter.

Yours sincerely,

Leung Pok Man (5A)

Dear Ronnie,

How are you? Haven't written to you for a long time, I want to tell you a happy thing of mine. I have the best form teacher. He is a young man, tall and strong with bronze skin. His hair is short and he always gels his gold hair. In school days, he always wears a T-shirt and jeans. You know, no teachers in our school dare to wear in such fashion. He is really special.

The first time I saw him I did not realize that he is a good teacher. It was because he looked careless and unfriendly. But when we have his Geography lesson, everyone seems to enjoy it. He seldom uses the traditional way of teaching. He prefers the simply way - kidding. Now I really think that he is an energetic and intelligent man.

Some days before, I broke up with my girlfriend. As I was very upset, I did not have mood in lessons. When he discovered that, he talked with me at the lunch time at a restaurant. When he knew my problem, he gave me valuable advice. He paid the bill for me. Don't you agree that he is really kind?

Write to me and tell me how you are getting on. I am looking forward to receiving your letter.

Yours sincerely,



CE English (Syllabus A) 97

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