Mo Tung Long (5A)

Last Sunday, Paul and Mary went to Coffee Bay, one of the famous beaches in Hong Kong, in the early morning. This was their first date and they both wanted a good beginning.

After they reached the beach, they sat on the beach chatting and enjoying the sunshine. Suddenly, they heard someone shout, "Help! There's a shark!" Then all the swimmers were in panic and went on shore desperately.

After an hour went by, the shark remained motionless. Because of that, some brave men tried to swim close to the shark and saw what happened.

"Oh! What a trick!" A man shouted angrily because he found that the 'shark' was only a toy. All the swimmers were angry at the trick and thought that the one who did that was ruthless and shameless.

It was a pity that the romantic date of Paul and Mary was spoiled by this incident.

Lam Ngai (5E)

Beaches are often swarmed with swimmers in summer. One day, it was a public holiday and the weather was fine. The beach was full of gay holiday-makers. Some of them swam in the sea. There were three common ways of swimming: crawl stroke, breast stroke and butterfly stroke. Some people were sipping soft drinks and playing cards. Others relaxed in canvas chairs listening to the radio. Children built castles on the sand. What a happy sight it was!

Suddenly, a man shouted,"Oh, my god! Shark! Be careful!" There was a shark swimming towards two children. One child could not move because he got a cramp. At this critical moment, a man jumped into the sea and saved the boy. The lifeguards requested the swimmers to get away from the shark. Life-buoys were thrown to the people who were still in the sea.

Everyone on the beach was frightened and did not know what to do. They just looked at the shark hopelessly. Some children cried because they wanted to leave. Their parents did their best to comfort them.

After a long moment, people on the beach realized that it was only a joke. It was not a shark. It was a tricked played by two small children. That angered all the people on the beach. The two children were lectured very sternly by the lifeguard.

After the incident, people kept on enjoying their holiday and children kept building castles on the sand. The sand glittered in the sun with a golden colour. The sky and the sea merged into one and the breeze was blowing gently. The beach became quiet and beautiful as usual.



CE English (Syllabus A) 97

Question 3