Hui Sau Ling (5A)

I am writing to express my concern about the government's policy to give financial aids to people who lose their jobs and are unemployed.

Nowadays it is difficult to make a living. Automation and computerization deprive many workers of their livelihood. After the financial turmoil, many companies have been in financial strain and their profit margins have been narrowing. Therefore, many workers have lost their jobs.

The unemployment rate is high in Hong Kong and the state of economy has been deteriorating. People who have lost their jobs have to live on charity or sell their properties such as flats, cars or jewellery. Many people live from hand to mouth. They worry about the future.

It is suggested that the government should give financial aids to the unemployed people for the time being. But I don't think it is feasible. If the government provides temporary cash allowances, the unemployed people will become lazy. When they increasingly depend on the government's aids, the government will shoulder heavy burdens. This may hinder economic recovery. Besides, if people have not worked for a long time, they may become idle and incompetent.

In my opinion, the government should provide interest-free loans for emergency and organize retraining courses. The government should also help the unemployed people to find jobs and create more job opportunities for people. Moreover, the government should spend more on infrastructure projects to improve the economy as well as improve the business climate by giving help to entrepreneurs and exploring new markets.

All in all, the government should improve the economic situation with efforts of citizens because we are in the same boat.


Chung Chi Ling (5E)

Dear Editor,

I write to express my opinion about whether the government should give money to people who lose their jobs and are unemployed.

Nowadays, because of economic crisis, many people cannot find a job. Most of the unemployed people are not well educated, so they cannot compete with other well qualified job seekers. Apart from this, most of them are over forties. Because of the age and lack of knowledge, they lose their competitive edge. Living beyond their means, they lead a hard life. Some of them put the blame on the government and take part in anti-government protests. It gives rise to social unrest.

It is necessary to do something to help such people. Should the government give them money? If I were the policy maker, I would not do that. Hong Kong people are renowned for their diligence. If the government give money to such people, they will let loose and will not work again. It will affect Hong Kong's future.

I think the government should provide some training courses for people who lose their jobs instead of giving them money. This is a more effective way to help them. These courses can create more teaching posts for more educated people as well. The courses can upgrade people's skills and increase their opportunities of getting a job. When people are employed, they are more positive towards life.

So I suggest that the government should provide training courses rather than give money to unemployed people.


CE English (Syllabus A) 98

Question 2