Lam Ngai (5E)

In the 1850s, a man buried a box in a place where nobody knew. After this death, the box remained unknown to people. Where was the box? What was inside - gold, antiques, jewels?

In 1998, the place where the box was buried became a picnic spot and barbecue site. There were beautiful wooded valleys and magnificent views. During holidays, it is crowded with people. But nobody knew that someone had buried a box there.

Until one day, Mary and Tom went for a barbecue with their dog Rocky. They brought a lot of food with them: steak, sausages, pork and so on. They enjoyed their time very much. Suddenly Rocky barked very loudly. At first, Mary and Tom took no notice of it. When Rocky's barking grew louder and louder, they needed to find out what happened. Rocky kept scratching the soil as if there was something buried underground. They decided to dig it out. It turned out to be a box, an antique one. It seemed that it had been under the ground for hundreds of years. They spent some difficult time before they could lift up the heavy box.

"Oh! My god!" Mary and Tom were amazed at what they saw inside the box. There were gold, ancient paintings and antiques in the box. "I think they must be very valuable." Tom said. "If we own them, we will be rich. Then we will not worry about our life." "But I think we should give them to the museum. They are historical relics." Mary said. "They don't belong to us. We must be honest." "Yes, you are right." Tom said. "OK, let's give them to the museum."

The box with all the valuables was finally displayed in the museum with thanks notes expressing gratitude to Mary and Tom.


CE English (Syllabus A) 98

Question 3