Leung Sze Wai (5A)

Nowadays in Hong Kong, computers are frequently used by students and teachers. There are advantages and disadvantages of using computers at schools.

Let's talks about the advantages first. Students can find lots of information from computers. Without computers, students may waste much time to find information from the library. They may also use the school's computers to do their homework or project assignments. It is because some students do not have computers at home. When working together with the help of computers, students can discuss problems and thus improve their work quality.

Teachers also benefit from using computers at school. They make use of computers to create exercises, type notes and set tests. Computers can help teachers record students' test and exam scores. Computers become teachers' indispensable tools.

To be frank, there are disadvantages of using computers at school.

Students may use computers in an undesirable way. With computers they may play many kinds of tricks on their classmates and even teachers. For example, they can send e-mails with inappropriate content.

Students may waste a lot of time to play online games on school computers. That will adversely affect their study. They may also gain access to pornography and violent cartoons on the Internet. It is immoral. The most dangerous thing student can do is transmitting virus with the intention of damaging the computers at school.

To conclude, if students can use computers at school in the right way and with supervision, it can improve learning greatly.


CE English (Syllabus A) 99

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