Lam Ngai (5E)

Since Ann and Mike failed to get satisfactory results in the HKCEE, they could not continue their study any more. As they did not want to fool around all day long, they decided to get a job. They attempted different kinds of jobs, but none was successful until an offer came from a company called "Good Fortune Model Agency". They were told by the manager to pay a fee for training. Upon completing the training course, they would become the company's models. Then they would become famous and earn a lot of money.

Ann and Mike were glad that they could get a job with bright prospects. Without hesitation, they paid the fee. Their work began the next day - taking photos. For the following few days, they were brought to different places for taking photos. The job was quite simple - just wearing smiles and putting on pretty clothes. They trusted the company because it offered them a good job.

One day, the manager told them they were chosen by an English company for a model job in England. But they had to pay for the air tickets and accommodation in advance. Although it was a huge sum of money, they did not want to miss the chance and paid at once.

To their surprise, the company closed down the next day and the manager never turned up. Only at that time did Ann and Mike know that they had been cheated. They not only lost their job but also the money. Many teenagers who dreamt to be a famous model lost money in this way.

Ann and Mike learned a good lesson. When looking for a job, you should be careful and learn more about the company.


CE English (Syllabus A) 99

Question 3