1.      Whether we like or not, it ____ we can no longer choose whether we want the television on or off. (Q48, 98)

     A) looks

     B) is like

     C) looks like

     D) looks as

2. You are guaranteed to find something you can take home as a ____ of your stay. (Q39, 97).

   A) that

   B) souvenir

   C) memorial

   D) recollection

3. According to the critics, problems like ____ are going to get worse. (Q45, 98).

   A) that

   B) this

   C) them

   D) these

4. Since I installed the television, I have had a big ____ in the number of patients. (Q41, 98).

   A) turn over

   B) change

   C) input

   D) increase

5. Some items can be bought outline at www.sothebvs.amazon.com. ____ follows an auction in London earlier this week. (Q29, 2001).

  A) Here

  B) It

  C) There

  D) This

6. The letters include a dramatic account of how she woke up ____ that the ship had stopped. (Q38, 2001).

  A) to sense

  B) sensing

  C) being sensed

  D) to be sensing

7. To help improve the situation, Dr. Lo ____ teenagers to try to be more open with their fathers and says that the fathers should play a more active role in their children's lives. (Q47, 99)

   A) suggests

   B) calls

   C) advises

   D) hopes

8. The hotel's research had shown that each dissatisfied customer would tell about 15 people what had happened ____ them. (Q43, 20).

   A) on

   B) to

   C) for

   D) about

9. It was at this point ____ she grabbed her handbag. (Q44, 2001)

   A) that

   B) how

   C) why

   D) which

10. The price at this auction are far higher than precious ones, suggesting that the Titantic boom is not over ____. (Q49, 2001)

      A) still

      B) even

      C) yet

      D) now

11. In the country a girl ____ the property of the man she marries and goes to live with her family. (1995)

       A)  became 

       B)  becomes 

       C)  had become

       D)  has become

    12. When a man ______, he can only leave his property to a son. (1995)

A)  dead 

B)  died 

C)  dies

D)  death

 13. Although he was much taller than other boys, he ______ fighting. (95)

 A)  wasn't like 

B)  isn't’like  

C)  didn't like

D)  doesn't like

14.  The film was such a success that a whole industry ______ grown up around them. (95)

A)  has 

B)  had been 

C)  would be

D)  have

15. His son was at boarding school and his wife _____ as mature student to take a course at a distant university. (95)  

A) has gone  

B) had gone  

C) goes

D) went

16.   Write about such a world that ______ to him when he was young.  (95)

  A) happening 

B) were happening 

C) had happened

D) happens

17.  Since the 1979s, the Government _______ that at least a quarter of a restaurant’s space must be given to kitchen. (96) 

 A) is demanding 

B) has demanded 

C) demands

D) will demand

18.  Mr. Chan, who ______  there for about six years, said that … (96)

A) lives 

B) was living 

C) has been living

D) lived

19.  In those days, people overseas would be _______ at the harbour. (97)

A) wait 

B) waited 

C) waiting

D) waits

        20. She is either _______ or out on a date with him. (96)

             A) studying

             B) studies

             C) studied

             D) study