2001 - 2002

Myself in ten years' time

Lee Pak Chun (4E)

I am fourteen years old and I am a form four student at Ju Ching Chu Secondary School. I was born in China. I have been in Hong Kong for more than one year. I love Hong Kong very much.

Sometimes I imagine what I will become in ten years' time. I think I may start my career as a clerk with little pay. Perhaps I will have a steady job with good joy if I am fortunate enough. But I want to become a doctor in the future. Being a doctor, I can save many lives. I know I will have a lot of pressure if I want to achieve the goal. Although it is quite difficult to attain my goal, I will find my work worthwhile.

If I succeed in becoming a doctor, I will get married at about thirty years old. If I have enough money, I will travel round the world with my husband. If I finish my journey, I will go to the places in China where there are not enough doctors to look after patients. If I cannot be a doctor, I won't feel regretted and I will work hard for being a nurse. Being a nurse, I can save many lives too.

The following ten years will be the most important period in my life. I have confidence that I can overcome the difficulties. Anyway, I hope I will not falter and will not whimper, whine or sigh. I wish to get happiness from life and pass my joy to other people.

My sister

Yip Kam Yee (4E)

You are sure to meet my sister when you come on Wednesday. She is my younger sister called Shirley. She is in form one, 12 years old. She is 1.60m tall. She has long black hair, an oval face, big shinny eyes and a small mouth. You can see her grinning all the time. When she smiles, her two dimples will appear, looking charming.

Shirley usually dresses casually, often wearing floral T-shirts and blue jeans. She is quiet. She doesn't speak much outside, but at home, she looks like a bird, very talkative. Shirley is in her best behaviour, exquisite and graceful. She always helps mother to sweep and clean up, wash clothes and dishes, helps her brother for indeterminate understanding, so we love her very much.

She is interested in playing the piano and ice-skating. Every time when she skates, she will try her best to make spinning. You will see her fantastic movements when she spins. Shirley even likes to read books, especially horror and detective stories. She likes to find out who's the killer.

This is the description of my sister Shirley. Do you like her?

A typhoon

Chan Ho Yeung (4E)

Last Saturday, the weather was bad. Typhoon Nicko was moving towards Hong Kong. Typhoon signal number 3 was hoisted. There would be a higher signal soon, so I had to go home as quickly as possible.

I knew that I should not leave home in such bad weather. It is quite dangerous, but I had to finish my English project. The weather was so fine when I left my classmate's home, but the weather began to get worse.

On the way, the weather was worse than what I thought. The black clouds seemed heavier than before. The strong wind was blowing on my face and the rain was pouring. It was hard to walk forward. Although I got an umbrella, I still got all wet through. All the traffic stopped because the typhoon signal number 8 had just been hoisted, so I had to go home on foot. It was not very easy to walk a long way in a typhoon day. The sights were quite terrible. The bamboo scaffolding was swaying in the wind. Many trees fell over. Streets were littered with broken glass and rubbish.

Finally, I came near home, but I found that there was a blackout. The typhoon had disrupted the electricity supply in the district. So I had to climb up hundreds of stairs. Luckily, I arrived home unharmed but I was very tired. When I arrived home, my family had taken all the precautions against the typhoon. We barred the doors, fastened the windows and put potted plants inside the flat. We listened to radio broadcast of the typhoon.

The next morning the wind died down, but it was still raining. There was a serious flood in Mong Kok. Fortunately, no people were killed and not many properties were destroyed. But I was not so fortunate, because I had climbed up hundred of stairs and I still had not finished my English project.

A Letter to Give Advice

Fan Po Wan (4E)

Dear Susan,

How are you getting on? I am sorry to hear that you have great difficulty in getting along with your parents.

In your letter, you said your mother always nags at you. In my opinion, your mother just concerns about you. If you feel annoyed, you should discuss your grievances with her.

You also told me that your parents didn't let you stay out late. I would advise you to talk to them more often. You should phone them if you stay out late. They are worried about you and they are afraid that you will meet bad guys and go astray.

I understand your feeling when your parents treat you like a small baby because my parents still treat me like a baby now. In parents' eyes, we are always their little daughters. If I were you, I would show them I could take care of myself. On the one hand, we should make them understand we have grown up and know how to look after ourselves. On the other hand, we should help our parents share the housework burden. Then they will feel at ease.

You also mentioned that your parents are not happy with your poor results in the 1st term examination. If I were you, I would not play TV games and computer games any more. I will pull myself together and study hard. If you get good examination results, your parents will be happy and you will be happy too.

Anyway, you can share your problems with your friends and teachers. Most importantly, your parents care about you. So don't make them disappointed! You should show that you concern about them and treat them as friends.
Best wishes!

Letter of complaint

Kwok Man Yee (4D)

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I want to complain about the cassette recorder which I bought last Friday. On 14th May, I went to Fat Shing Audio Supplies Ltd to look for a cassette recorder. One of the shop assistants showed me one with the model number MX-2000, which was the best in this shop. And it was a new model. This model could play music brilliantly. And then the assistant told me the cassette recorder had been fully guaranteed and they offered refund if there were any problems. So I bought it at a special discounted price of $800.

However, after I used it for a week, problems arose. When I put the cassette in the cassette recorder, I wanted to play more music. But the play button was loose.

After that, I wanted to take it out of the cassette, but the tape got stuck. So my cassettes could not be used. I immediately brought the receipt and the machine to the shop and demanded a replacement or refund, but the shop assistant was rude.

The shop assistant refused to repair or replace it unless I was ready to pay extra money. I was angry, so I wrote this letter. The assistant told me before the cassette recorder had been fully guaranteed and offered refund if there were any problems. But now they did not replace or refund to me. I think this is cheating.

I hope you can help me to fight for my right and ask the Audio Supplies Ltd to exchange or refund it. Thanks for the attention.

Yours faithfully,
Chris Wong

A Speech

Ng Lung Wai (4D)

Fellow students,
Do you know many people are waiting for blood to save their lives? It is because some have accidents, some have surgery and some have inherited deficiency. So we should help the unfortunate people.

Our school will hold a concert named "Love 2002". The money from the concert will go to the Red Cross to help buy another "blood bus". The will be held on 15th June in our school hall from 2:00 pm to 5:00pm. We have invited our senior fellow schoolmates, a new DJ at sunshine Radio, Mr. Lui Ho Ming to be the master of ceremony. And also, our special honored guests are Sammi Cheng, Andy Hui and Eason Chan.
The tickets are $30 and $50. The elderly and children under 12 are entitled to half price. Please get your friends and family to attend this concert. Thank you for your support.

A Tour in Hong Kong

Cheung Tung Yee (4C)

Dear Millie,

I'm glad to know that you are coming to Hong Kong for a few days in the coming Christmas. There are many interesting places in Hong Kong and I'm very pleased to take you to visit most of them. Now, let me show you the tour plan.

On the first day, because you have just arrived, I think you will be very tired. Let's go to Hong Kong Park. You will visit the largest greenhouse in Southeast Asia and the Museum of Tea Ware there. You can taste different kinds of Chinese tea at the Museum.

On the second day, I'll take you to Ocean Park. You will feel funny and excited there, because you can see the dolphin show. The dolphins are very clever and cute. There are many exciting motor games, such as roller coaster. And you can see the Chinese history at Middle Kingdom there too.

On the third day, we will go to the highest point on Hong Kong Island ---- the Peak. You can see the full view of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. The view is beautiful.

On the fourth day, I will take you to Aberdeen, which is famous for its floating seafood restaurants. You can taste the typhoon shelter style of seafood there.

On the last day, I'll take you to Temple Street. There is a large range of inexpensive products. You can buy some souvenirs there. At last, I'll see you off at the airport.

Please write and tell me what you think of my plan. Give my regards to your family.


A Letter to Give Advice

Li Tim (4B)

Dear Mary,
I'm pleased to receive your letter. How are you? I truly feel sorry for you. I have some advice for you and I hope I can help you.

First, you said that your mother always nags at you. I think that is because she concerns about you. My mother also nags at me because she cares and loves me. One day, if your mother doesn't nag at you at all times, what will you think? You may feel unhappy because you feel your mother doesn't care about you. Do you agree?

Then, you said that they didn't let you stay out late. I feel that is right. You must realize that you are a girl. And you can't stay out late with your classmates or friends because that is very dangerous. Of course, I like to play with my friends, too. But I seldom go out late with them because I know my parents will be anxious about me. If you want to play out late, you can show them that you can take care of yourself. Don't make them disappointed.

Third, I want to ask you why they treat you like a small baby. Maybe they care about you a lot. I don't know. I would advise you to discuss the problems with them. If they don't listen to you, you can share your problems with your friends and teachers. I think they will give you some advice.

The problem is that you got poor examination results in the first term. Good results are very important to you. If I were you, I would pull myself together and study hard. You must be attentive at school.

At last, you should talk to your parents more often. They are your best friends and they deserve your friendship. Anyway, you should remember that the longer you remain silent, the worse it is going to become. Furthermore, let your parents explain to you the reasons behind their act. Looking forward to receiving your letter.

Describing People

Yip Lai Shan (4B)

You are sure to meet my sister when you come on Wednesday. She is twelve years old, but she looks younger. She has straight black hair. Her hair is at shoulder length; sometimes she has a pony tail. Her face is round. She has big eyes, a flat nose, a small mouth, thin eyebrows, and some pimples in her face; but she is beautiful. She always smiles with two dimples and she has a healthy complexion. She is slim and short. She is always fashionably dressed.

My sister is not only beautiful, but also friendly and good-tempered. She is reliable. But sometimes, she is in low spirits. After all, she is a child. But she sometimes helps my mother with the housework, for example, clean the windows and sweep the floor.

Her hobbies are playing volleyball and playing badminton. She plays badminton three days a week. Let's change this topic. We come from a middle-class family. She is very happy.

At last, my sister is still a student, and she studies very hard.

A Letter To Give Advice

Chu Pui Ting (4A)

Dear Bo Bo,

How are you? I am fine. I received this letter on Monday. You get many problems. I know you have great difficulty getting concentrated at school. Let me give you some advice what to do.

Getting along with your parents can be difficult. However, you should listen to your parents' advice, and they are your close family members. I would advise you to understand your parents.

The best I can suggest is that you go to talk to parents more often and you can concern about your favourite item. Discuss the problems with them and tell them why you got poor exam results in the lst term examination, you should pledge to devote yourself to the next exam. Do not get poor exam results again. It is easy to see why your parents treat you like a small baby. You should show them you can take care of yourself. Do not let them worry about you. If you want to stay out late, you must get their assent in advance.

In the futre you will be married and will be your children's parents, your children will follow your instructions. In my opinion, your parents care about you , so don't make them disappointed. I am looking forward to hearing from you.


2000 - 2001

An Accident In The Classroom

Kwan Ping Lim (4A)

      An accident happened in our classroom last Friday morning. When we were waiting for the Chinese teacher to come, all the classmates were playing in the classroom. Some of them were playing paper aeroplanes and some were chasing each other. Although I am the monitor, I could not stop them from playing because no one listened to me.

      Suddenly, Mary discovered that Grace was lying on the floor. ďOh! She is faint.Ē Andy said. The classroom suddenly became silent. All the classmates stopped playing and were thinking how to help Grace. Bill ran to the staff room immediately to ask for help.

      I stayed in the classroom. I carried her to a chair. We were standing around her but not so close to let her have more fresh air. Her face looked pale. Jenny was so worried that she held her hands tightly. They regretted that they had played so crazily.

      After a minute, Grace still did not wake up. Some girls were crying. Just at that moment, Grace laughed out loudly; she pointed at us and laughed. ďThatís a joke, donít you think I will faint?Ē How come? We thought that she was sick. We helped her but she tricked us! Then the teacher arrived. After she knew what had happened, she asked Grace to apologize to us.

But donít you think we will forgive her?


A Letter To Give Advice

Casper Mak (4D)

Dear Chris,

 I know what your problems are and understand your difficulty.  It is because I have met these problems before.  However, these are the by- gone days.

 In the past, my parents treated me as a baby, always nagged at me when I did something they didnít know, didnít understand or didnít like.  They didnít even allow me to stay out late.  Our parents donít give us any freedom, and they want to control everything we do.  They just want to concern about everything we do.  They are afraid that we will meet some bad guys outside and they want to give us more protection.

 I would advise you to discuss with your parents about the problems, e.g. tell your parents you are already a teenager, and there are many things you can decide.      There is no need to treat you as a baby.  If your parents donít understand what you are doing, you have the responsibility to explain to them. Also tell your parents which guys you go out with and inform them when you stay out late.  Donít think that is too troublesome because it is our responsibility.  Thatís all I want to advise you.  It is now up to you to improve the relationship between you and your parents.

 Take care, 



My Future Family

So Ngan Ling (4E) 

      I don't know what age I will get married, but it will be certainly after a successful career. A happy marriage is based on love; I won't get married until I find a person who is wholly devoted to me.

      I want to meet my future husband in a big company where he can put his talent to the best use. My future husband will be a man with wisdom, love and benevolence. He must appreciate me and love me. I hope we can share the same interests, hobbies and goals in life. If we think alike, we can avoid arguments and conflicts. Moreover, I hope my husband is fond of travelling, which I like. I will stay nowhere like the wind but in his chest. I also wish he could fly like a bird, taking me to see the world from the sky. Besides, my husband must be capable enough to help me solve a variety of thorny problems. "A handsome man is mostly unreliable," my mother always says. So I don't expect my husband to be very handsome. 

      Children are unsophisticated, innocent and cute. I would like to have children in my family. It is desirable to have one child because I can take enough care of him and offer him good education. I hope my son or daughter will love his/her parents and be filled with love.


My Garndma

Chow Ying Chu (4E)

My Grandma 

                    You are sure to love my grandma when you see her. She is sixty years old with grey hair. She has a round face ,a big mouth with thin lips but small eyes with thick eyebrows. Her ears are small too. Her nose is noticeably flat. Although she is an old woman, she is dressed properly and tidily. She has a healthy complexion. She appears so content all the time that she always wears a broad smile.

                        My grandma is so energetic, doing laundering, washing dishes and tidying up the rooms. She works faster than many young people do. My grandma may look somewhat stupid, but she is friendly and kind. She never quarrels with others and teaches me that all men should be treated with fairness and politeness.

                        Grandma was a worker before she retired. Grandma likes to do morning exercise. She wakes up very early in the morning at about half past four. She is fond of watching TV and eating too (that is why she is so fat). Grandma is favourite hobby is reading. She belongs to the grass-root level. In her time, people were very poor and many children could not go to school, so Grandma barely finished the primary education. She encourages me to study hard and not to be lazy because time flies. 

                        I have learnt a lot from Grandma. I know time is precious and I should seize it. Grandma teaches me one important thing Ė happiness lies with contentment. Grandma is one of the most important persons in my life.


Myself in Ten Years' Time

So Ngan Ling (4E)

       I am seventeen years old and I am studying at Ju Ching Chu Secondary School. I study hard all the time as I believe that knowledge is power.

        I feel peopleís inner world is a kingdom of mystery and I want to explore it very much, so I am very interested in Psychology. I am eager to study it at university. Not knowing why, I want to understand the behaviour of others and make myself helpful to all people since I was small. But now I think happiness is more important than anything else. In the past, I thought success in such undertaking could bring happiness and make my life substantial. Otherwise, life will seem to me too toilsome and void. However, doing something I like is the happiest now. Therefore, I want to go to different countries to work so that I can get an insight into local conditions and customs and get acquainted with a lot of people.

         In short, I hope I can stay nowhere like the wind and be happy all my life. I think I wonít get married in the future because I donít think I can love only a person throughout my life. I think love cannot last forever and may deteriorate, so I donít believe in marriage because it may be the grave of love. The greatest pain is to be deserted by someone I love, so I wonít fall in love easily.

         ďIf you lie upon roses when young, you will lie upon thorns when old.Ē Ė this is my conviction and I will improve myself in order to become capable and useful.

Picture Composition

Yu Nga Chi (4B)

Last Friday, most of my classmates threw paper planes and ran around the classroom during the recess. John stepped on the desk. Mary grabbed somebodyís clothes. But our monitor just stood with folded arms. It was very annoying, but the students were excited.

Suddenly, there was a commotion. Mary, who had long and straight hair, fell down and slipped on the floor. The classmates were very frightened. They felt helpless. Our monitor suggested calling our teacher. The other classmates carried Mary and let her sit on the chair. They gave her a cup of hot drink and waited for the teacher.

 After a few minutes, our teacher came in. With the help of the teacher and several students, Mary recovered her consciousness. The classmates were rather shocked by the accident happened because of their misbehaviour.

A close bond between parents and children

Ng Ka Yan (4A)

Many Chinese parents keep a distance from their children. As time goes by, a weird feeling produces. The children feel they cannot confide in their parents. They prefer to talk freely to their friends. Actually, many youngsters seldom chat with their parents. When parents notice problems, it is already too late. Recently, a spate of children suicide occurred because there was no proper communication between family members. Some parents strive hard to rebuild relationship with their children but to no avail.

When teenagers run into problems, they feel confused and need help. If no one helps them, they will despair and become rebellious. They may play truant, take drug, join the triad and go away from home. In extreme cases, they may end their lives.

I think there must be a close bond between parents and children. Parents should treat their children as friends, understand their problems and forgive their mischief. Frequent conversations can help to create better understanding. Very often, misunderstanding leads to argument, if not a worsening relationship.

My parents divorced when I was three. Fortunately, the broken marriage has not destroyed my family. On the contrary, my sister and I love our family even more. The three of us always share our feelings. We don't hide anything from each other and solve problems together. We always talk and listen to others. A good relationship starts from frequent communication.

A Letter to Give Advice

Lai Wai Yi (4B)

Dear Mary,

How are you? I know you have great difficulty in getting along with your parents. Don't be so unhappy! Cheer up!

In my opinion, you should discuss the problems with your parents and talk to them more often. Your parents are just concerned about you. On the other hand, you must show them you can take care of yourself. Tell them not to worry and let them trust you. In fact, in your parentsí eyes, you are always their little daughter.

I think you may find it helpful to pull yourself together and study hard. If you have problems, you can share them with your friends and teachers. Maybe they can help you.

If you have difficulty, you can also talk to me because I am your friend. I care about you, so don't make us disappointed.

Best wishes,


A Speech

Pang Ho Yin (4C)

Fellow schoolmates,

Our school will hold a fund-raising concert on 15th of June in our school hall from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.. The name of this concert is called 'Love 2000'.

The aim of this concert is to assist the Red Cross to buy another blood bus. In Hong Kong, many people are unwilling to donate blood, so the blood supply is very inadequate. The Red Cross desires to extend its service through the mobile blood bus. If more people donate blood, more lives can be saved. Therefore, we have no excuse not to help the Red Cross.

Show your generosity now. Let's have a chance both to do charity and to relax. In this concert, we have the honour to invite our Principal to perform. Some teachers and students will sing classical songs and pop songs. If you want to know what our Principal will perform, come to the Studentsí Union to buy the ticket now. Remember, it is cheaper than that of the concert like Leon Laiís. It just costs you $30 or $50 each. Look forward to seeing you in the concert. Thank you for your attention.

A Letter to Give Advice

Lam Hoi To (4D)

Dear Bobby,

How are you? I know you have some difficulty getting along with your parents and cannot concentrate at school. I am very sympathetic with you.

You said your parents often treat you like a child. When you try to do something by yourself, they often stop you. I think itís because they love you very much, they want to protect you and make you get less hurt. Maybe they don't know how to do it properly and bore you sometimes, but you must understand their care for you. You should forgive their mistakes.

Sometimes, when you tell them your opinions, they say you are a child and know nothing. It isís annoying that others don't understand you, but itís normal because we are at an age changing much on thoughts. But your parents are old, so they may not understand the change.

You said your mother often nags at you now. It is boring, but have you thought about her loving heart and loneliness. It is acceptable when you understand her. After all, she often stays at home, so she is lonely and needs to chat with others.

In my opinion, you should show them you have grown up and can take care of yourself. You should have a good talk with them. Moreover, you may do some housework. When they find you can take care of yourself, they'll feel at ease and allow you to do something independently. What is more, I would advise you to chat with them more often. The more things you talk to them, the more they'll understand you.

I suggest you try your best to get used to your mother's nagging. She cannot stop it because she is lonely and it makes her feel less worried. Refusing her nagging will make her unhappy.

The most important fact is they are your parents and love you very much. You should respect them when you are doing anything and don't make them disappointed.

If you still can  solve the problem, you may write to me again.



My Sister

Chung Kit Shing (4E)

You are sure to meet my youngest sister Maggie when you come on Wednesday. She is an eight-year-old girl who has a healthy complexion. She is such a healthy girl that she is 1.36m tall and weighs 30 kg. She seems very intelligent because she always asks tricky questions. She has an oval face, bright eyes like diamonds, bat ears, a small mouth in pink and a flat nose. Also, she has long black hair that seems black silk.

She is so energetic and naughty that she always plays ball at home and breaks many things. Besides, she is not very diligent, so she keeps watching television. Nevertheless, she is so honest that she often tells us the fault she has done. She is keen on learning new knowledge and she likes shopping. She also likes sweets, soft drinks, instant noodles and lynches.

Even though she is naughty, she is such a cheerful cute girl. When you meet her, you will see how lovely she is!

How to communicate well with parents

Chiu Man Kin (4E)

Are you annoyed with your parents because they keep nagging at you? They always ask you to do things you don't want and treat you like a small baby. They are not satisfied with your exam results, so you have great difficulty getting along with them. But everything they do is for the good of you as parents always want their children to be better and better.

I would advise you to explain your problems to them, saying that you want them not to be too worried about you. Tell them you are not a child and you can face problems yourself. However, you must talk with them more often and do something to show them you can stand along now. Perhaps they will give you more opportunities to do everything by yourself.

About your schoolwork, it is certainly not easy to be the best in your class. But you must learn with your utmost effort. Even if you get unsatisfactory results, your parents will not be unhappy about your failure.

If you take the initiative to talk with your parents and let them understand you more, you can establish good relationship with your parents.