January, 2002

Why are tutorial schools popular with students?

Chow Kam Fung (5A)

"English, Mathematics, History, Geography¡K" Chow King is checking his shopping list at one tutorial school and he is counting a pack of $500 notes for the school fees. In the eyes of many students, tutorial schools have become their second home, if not the first, for obtaining knowledge.

Why are the students so enthusiastic about attending tutorial schools? What is the magic of tutorial schools? The answers are examination pressure and resources.

Examination pressure is exceptionally high in H.K. These tutorial schools, to a certain extent, help alleviate the examination pressure. They provide tailored materials. The tutors there teach students how to score a bonus mark hidden around the corner. They release marking schemes that are not supposed to be released to students. Undeniably, these could be effective in the context of sitting for the examination.

In addition, tutorial schools have a definite advantage in terms of resources. While most day schools remain in the age of chalk and blackboard, tutorial schools have stepped into the era of computerizing and high-tech teaching equipment. With the aid of such facilities, students generally believe that teaching notes from day time schools are no match with those from tutorial schools. It is correct but only in terms of package and paper quality.

To conclude, I would not say that it is highly undesirable to attend tutorial schools as they help students tackle examinations. However, we should not over-exaggerate their importance because examinations only form a part, if not a small one, of the whole education purposes. To glorify their importance is just putting cart before a horse!

Making on-line friends

Tam Yee Man( 5A)

Nowadays, making " on-line friends " is popular with youngsters. It is a fashion to make "on-line friends" nowadays.
Many teenagers meet through the chat programmes or through playing games on the Internet. There are many chat programmes like the ICQ chat and Yahoo chat. These programmes are free of charge. In addition, we can easily download them onto our computer. So, many youngsters use this method. Besides, using e-mail is one of the ways. That is another way to meet people.
On the Internet, youngsters always talk about their interests, their hobbies and their life. As they talk about their idols and the latest fashion, people also chat about their school life and family problems. Some people like to share their vexations with other Internet users. For instances, they talk about their studies and love affairs.

There are so many advantages of meeting people on the Internet. Making "on-line friends" is a good way for shy people to make new friends. There is no physical barrier because shy people would not like to make friends face to face. Apart from this, people can make friends with people from different countries. They can exchange cultural information on the Internet. This can upgrade our knowledge. Furthermore, they can meet people who share similar interests or hobbies. They can become close friends.

However, there are some problems with this way of making friends. Some people are dishonest. It is very easy for people to lie to you about their identity, their appearances and their occupation. In fact, making "on-line friends" can be quite dangerous. Some Internet users justify their means. Then, students may get addicted and neglect their homework.
It is clear that youngsters have to be careful when making "on-line friends". They must not get addicted to making "on-li
ne friends".

Attending Tutorial Schools

Chim Ko Luen (5A)

Many students attend tutorial schools after school. It has become a trend as tutorial schools are popular with students.

Tutorial schools can attract students in different ways. Firstly, they give them materials about examinations. Students can get more practice and gain higher marks in examinations. Secondly, students can enhance their confidence in studies at school. Next, tutorial schools can provide a quieter environment for students. It is because each class has fewer students. Besides, tutorial schools may give them tips of examinations. On the other hand, students go to tutorial schools for other reasons. Some parents force their children to attend tutorial schools because they don't have enough time to teach them.

In my opinion, I don't agree to students going to tutorial schools. It is a waste of time and money, and it is expensive for one lesson. Some tutorial centres are illegally operated. If students pay more attention to teachers, they will not miss anything in their subjects. Students should keep up to study what teachers require, and they will have the ability to compete at school. If they want to study in a quiet environment, they should first not talk with others and listen to teachers. I think if students are hardworking, they need not go to tutorial schools and they can also understand more.

A Letter of Advice

Kwok Wing Laam (5B)

Dear Sin Wah,

It's great to hear from you. Thanks for your concerns. I'm fine.

I'm sorry to know that you got in trouble. Last week, you found some pornographic magazines on your brother's bed. In my opinion, you should tell him not to spend too much time reading these magazines. Otherwise, he will gradually form a distorted view of sex. Although he is curious about sex, he shouldn't spend too much time on reading pornographic magazines. The sexual behavior that depicted in these books is socially unaccepted. In my opinion, you should tell a social worker and ask him about the proper sex education. If he really can't control himself, don't worry, tell him to calm down and drink some cold water. You must tell him to behave himself until he grows up.

Anyway please send my best regards to your family and take care of your brother.

Best wishes,
Wing Hong

Clean Hong Kong Campaign

Leung Ying Fan(5B)

"Lily, haven't you joined the Clean Hong Kong Campaign? "Lucy asked me as we got into the school.
"Do you want to join the Campaign with me? You know, we must do something because it is our civic duty to keep the city clean," Lucy continued to say.
I asked, "Sure, where will the event hold?"
She said, "The event will be held in the Silver Strand Beach."
I asked, "When?" Lucy said, "This Sunday ¡K"

We arrived at the beach at nine o'clock. We wore sports wear. There were one hundred students taking part in the Campaign altogether. At first, the chairman of the Campaign made a speech. Then we were given some instructions of how to clean up the beach. I saw the beach. There was a lot of rubbish, such as cartons, orange peel, newspaper. Some plastic bags were on the sea. It posed a serious threat to our health. I must clean the beach. The disgusting mass of litter gave off a sickening smell. We wore gloves and began our job.

I picked up the waste and put it into the big plastic bag. Then some swimmers joined us to clean up the beach. They supported the Campaign very much and urged other swimmers to keep the beach clean. It made us very happy. Therefore, we hurried up to clean up the beach. After a while, we finished the cleaning. I saw many litter bags in front of me; we put them into the rubbish cars.

At last, I saw a beautiful beach in front of me. It was a fair beach. The sand glittered in the sun with a golden colour. Waves came rolling on the shore. It was wonderful.

At the end of the Campaign, we played some games about Clean Hong Kong Campaign. It was a pleasant experience after all. It was successful. But only Clean Hong Kong Campaign was not enough, whole-hearted co-operation of the public is very much needed.

The advantages and problems of making "On-line" friends

Ip Kam Ying (5C)

Nowadays, computers are very popular with people all over the world. It seems that there is a personal computer in each family. Some people use the computer to do their jobs or cope with documents while some are content to operate the keyboard to play video games. Moreover, some may search the websites to find information or even communicate with others on the Internet. They will chat with people through the "ICQ" or "Chat room" and make some "On-line friends".

Without doubt, there are some advantages chatting with people through the ICQ. For example, they can chat with people all the time and share their experiences, happiness, annoyance and feelings. Furthermore, they can learn about dealing with people. They can spend their spare time on the Internet and chat with people. In this way, they may learn something that can't be learnt in the textbooks. As a result, they will not feel bored or gloomy when they stay at home. It is a form of pastime.

But on the other hand, if someone always indulges in chatting on the Internet and makes some "On-line" friends, problems will arise

Firstly, people who chat with the "On-line" friends may think that they will not know each other, so they do not mind telling others about themselves. It is dangerous.
Some of them like to boast of their outlook, good qualifications and their properties. So, it is difficult to distinguish between the facts and the lies. I think that they cannot build up real friendship, as they may not really understand each other.

Secondly, if you like to chat on the Internet, you must pay attention and be careful. You should not boast of yourself and date with your "On-line Friends". It is because you may meet bad guys who are not worthwhile for us to get along with.

Last but not least, if students always sit in front of the computer and indulge to chat with "On-line Friends" all the time, they may ignore their studies. They won't do their homework or revise their books. They don't go to bed until the mid-night. So they cannot concentrate on the lessons and affect their academic results.

While computers bring us a lot of benefits, we must be aware of the problems accompanied with them.

Reply to a letter
Casper Mak 5D

Dear Siu Wah,

How are you doing, man? I am happy to get your letter. I've already read your letter and know what your trouble is, but I haven't met the situation such as the one you told me, because I am the only son in the family. I guess you know why the government doesn't allow teenagers who are under 18 to read, browse, or watch pornographic stuff. The main reason is their mind is not mature enough. It is afraid they will learn the wrong messages from pornographic stuff and in turn they may commit rape, indecent assault, or peeping offences. I don't think you need to stop your brother as I have the best solution for you. Go to ask your parents to chat with him, and then consider if he is mature enough to get pornographic information. I don't recommend you or your parents to stop him or grab the stuff. Let him stop reading it himself is the best method to give him the right mind and advice. In fact, nowadays, it's so easy to obtain sexual information from the Internet, newspaper, and magazines.

Siu Wah, is that your first time reading pornographic magazines? The feedback is it is normal for all teenagers, (I can tell you my computer has recorded lots of sexual information in it, that's nothing special.). The most important thing is you have got to learn how to control yourself and release your pressure. Second, talk with your parents or social workers if you want any information on sex, as we all need correct knowledge of it. (That's the most important thing!!). Third, you must remember that's just a form of entertainment; don't get any distorted view from it!!

I hope my suggestion will help you solve the problems on hand. Anyway, it is important that you share your feelings with friends. I am happy to share it with you. Bye, take care!

Wing Hong

Cleaning up a beach

Wong Hip Kei (5D)

One day before the summer holiday, our class-master came in and said, "We'll have a meaningful activity next Monday. It's about cleaning up a popular beach. Are you all going to join it?" Then he told us that many inconsiderate people make the beach dirty and many beautiful
beaches are turned into rubbish dumps. He asked us if we wanted to have a clean and beautiful beach. I realised we should do something to preserve it.

On Monday, we were so excited. We took a bus to Shek O. When we got off the bus, "Oh! What a terrible scene! This surely is a big litter bin!" I screamed. There was much litter on it. Then we started to clean up the dirty beach.

As it was a school holiday, we could find a lot of visitors. There were other kinds of "travellers" like cartons, plastic bags, cigarette butts and so on. We put on the gloves and started cleaning. We picked and up loads of rubbish. Suddenly someone shouted "Why do the litter-bugs do such an inconsiderate thing? Do they want to have a dirty beach?" No one answered him. It was because we were so tired.

We spent six hours to clean up the beach. Although we were tired, we were happy. In our eyes, there was a "golden beach" in front of us. I wish all people could love our beaches and keep them clean.

You have been very happy in school this year because your form-teacher is the best teacher you have ever had. Write to your friend, Ronnie, in Canada. Describe your teacher and say why you like this teacher so much.
Yau Ching Lam (5D)

Dear Ronnie,

Hello, Ronnie! Long time no see , how are you? Ronnie, have you ever met a good teacher in your school life? I can tell you I have. This teacher is the best I've ever seen in my life! His name is Mr. Hall.

You know , Ronnie, I was really really weak in Maths. I always got zero mark in the examination. I thought I would get a U grade in the HKCEE. In the new school term, everything has changed, because a new Maths teacher, Mr.hall has come. He doesn't punish me when I get zero. He also teaches me the basic things after school. He even spends his own time teaching me! And he always encourages me, such as, "Lam, don't give up! You can do it." I think he's so great. No teachers have ever spent so much time to help a 'rubbish' like me , so he is the best teacher I have come across in my life!

After three months of tutorial, finally I can pass most of the Maths quizzes. I am so grateful for his help and I haven't made him disappointed. I think Mr.Hall is really interested in teaching. Unlike other teachers, they only do their work and ignore what the students need. Mr.Hall really cares about the students; not only me, but he also helps anyone with his heart. I really thank him for his help and I will never forget him in my life!

I'm really happy with my school life and I hope you do, too! Please tell me something about yourself. Bye, Ronnie.

Best wishes,

Attending Tutorial Schools
Chung Chi Ling (5E)

Apart from studying at school, many students will attend tutorial schools. Nowadays, it is a fashion to attend tutorial schools.

Hoping to get a good result in the examination, many students will spend their spare time attending the tutorial centres. Since some students' parents are not educated and they are not able to teach them, or some students have to face many subjects and examinations, they cannot handle them. At last, they make a decision for themselves ------ attending tutorial schools.

Actually, tutorial schools can really improve students' results. During lessons, they can ask the tutors questions and do some exercises offered by the school. These will help them a lot. Besides that, students can also make many new friends when they study together. They will learn from one another and improve their communication skills. Day after day, their friendship increases. Maybe someday they can be good friends.

Above all, they have less time to go out, so they will not be easily affected by the bad elements in society. This can also help them to concentrate themselves on studying.

But there are some disadvantages of attending the tutorial school. First of all, it is time-consuming. Since we spend too much time studying, we cannot do other things. If we behave ourselves at school, we can get good results and don't need to attend it. We can do some meaningful things in the spare time.

Moreover, it is too expensive to attend the tutorial school. Some families cannot afford the fees for a long time and it is a burden for them. Another problem is that some tutorial centres are illegally operated. We must be very careful when we choose a tutorial school. If not, we just waste our time and money.

In my opinion, students need not attend the tutorial school. Because we can study at any time in any places if we want to study.


Attending Tutorial Schools
Wong Man Yu(5E)

Tutorial schools are popular with students. Do students really need to attend tutorial schools?

First of all, it is a fashion to attend tutorial schools nowadays. That is to say, many students swim with the tide. Next, attending tutorial schools is considered to be the key to success in examinations. Some tutors boast of their good qualifications and ability to anticipate examination questions. So students can be easily misled by these tutorial schools as they are immature to distinguish between the right and wrong.

To the best of my knowledge, the charges of some tutorial schools are very expensive. Are they good value for money? It depends on how people see things. Some tutorial centres are illegally operated. It seems that they want to earn much money by fair means and foul. My friend has attended a tutorial school. She said the charge of lessons was expensive, but students only did past papers every lesson.

Everything, including tutorial schools, has pros and cons. It is obvious that some of them can improve students' studies. What I want to advise is that students can attend them when they think that is necessary. Some may say we have to make hay while the sun shines. I agree with them. But can they really obtain knowledge in tutorial schools? We should obtain knowledge in a right way. Even if we pass the HKCEE with the tips provided by tutorial schools, can we be sure of our future. The HKCEE is one of the challenges in our life. Knowledge which we have obtained is ours forever.

There is no standard to say if students need to attend tutorial schools. In any case, we should choose a proper tutorial school if we want to attend one.


December, 2000

Name: Wong Chung Yin

Class: 5A

Should public housing tenants be allowed to keep dogs?

I completely disagree with the point that public housing tenants should be allowed to keep dogs. It is because keeping dogs does more harm than good to the public housing estates.

Frankly speaking, dogs are our good friends. They provide companionship for the lonely hearts and they can serve as a deterrent to crime. Dogs are very helpful and some are necessary. But the problems of keeping dogs far outweigh any benefits they bring.

First of all, dogs create a lot of noise. They are very irritating because they usually bark at night. The noise causes people to have sleepless nights and affects people's health. Moreover, irresponsible dog owners cause a lot of inconvenience to their neighbours and create disgusting hygienic problems. Dogs defecate and urinate in the corridor and public places. The bad smell makes people sick. This is unpleasant and unhealthy.

Worse of all, dogs are potentially dangerous animals. They are so unpredictable that they may bite people in any moment. This will lead to serious injuries and even death. Another problem is that public housing estates are very crowded. There is little space for people to use. If the tenants keep dogs, it may give rise to discord and conflict between neighbours.

To consider all the points, I think public housing tenants should not be allowed to keep dogs. Although no one can deny that dogs can bring many benefits to their owners, keeping dogs in public housing estates is not suitable and feasible. Therefore, I strongly object to keeping dogs in public housing estates.

Name: Ng Ka Yan

Class: 5A

Tutorial Schools

Tutorial schools are popular with students. Since the education system is highly competitive, going to tutorial schools seems necessary. Nevertheless, there are both advantages and disadvantages of attending tutorial schools. To me, I think students should not attend tutorial schools.

In my opinion, there is no doubt that tutorial schools may give confidence to students but students may become more and more reliant on the tutorial schools and pay less attention in schools. In that case, students are wasting their parentsí money and it is time-consuming. Tutorial schools build up different images. Some boast that they can anticipate examination questions and students can get good examination results after taking courses.

As a student, I think there are several reasons for students attending tutorial schools. Some students want to please their parents by going to tutorial schools. Many parents prefer their sons or daughters going to tutorial schools than hanging around. On the other hand, some students feel lonely in schools and like to make friends in tutorial schools. But most important of all, the Hong Kong education system is badly organized. Students have to take examinations to prove their level. Students are serious about that and try different methods like going to tutorial schools in order to equip themselves with the examination skills. Unfortunately, the number of tutorial schools is increasing rapidly and some are even illegally operated. Therefore, I think the government should have the responsibility to change this phenomenon. The funniest thing is some students think it is a fashion to attend tutorial schools and they should follow the trend. This is absolutely ridiculous!

When compared with foreign students, Hong Kong students who attend tutorial schools seem to have higher academic standards than those of their counterparts do. Anyway, I think the key to get good results in examinations is to put serious effort to their homework. It should be the best method that has ever had!

In conclusion, good results depend not only on how good the teachers or the tutorial schools are but also on how hardworking the students are!

Name : Tsoi Shuk Ki

Class : 5C

A Letter Of Reply

Dear Siu Wah,

How are you getting on? I'm pleased to receive your letter. I am sorry that I haven't been writing for long. Don't worry! I will help you to solve your problem.

Nowadays, many teenagers like to read the pornographic magazines. Do you know why? I think they may be too curious and they can buy the pornographic magazines easily. In fact, I really disagree with the teenagers to read the pornographic magazines because such magazines not only cast an adverse influence on teenagers psychologically, but also convey the wrong message to them. Teenagers will be influenced and misled easily. As your brother is curious about sex, you can encourage him to attend the seminar about sex, to watch the program produced by the Family Planning Association and to go to the library to find some books about sex, etc.

I also suggest you reading the pornographic magazines with your brother because you can discuss and explain the mistakes in the magazines with him, right? But I think the best method is to talk to your parents. Talking about sex with parents is quite embarrassing, isn't it? Don't worry. I believe that your parents have more experience about sex and they are kind and open. Don't be shy if you have any problem about sex. You should discuss with them, O.K.?

In fact, many teenagers are quite open towards sex in Hong Kong but some adults and old people are generally old-fashioned. Now, many teenagers like to join the rave party but I don't like it. The teenagers always change their sexual partners. This is not only a personal question, but also a moral question. Therefore, I suggest that the parents should instill a right message such as not to read pornographic magazines because we can be easily misled by these magazines, not to be obsessed with sex, etc. Let them know sex is so vital in our life because that can influence the growing up of our sons and daughters.

Oh! I must stop now. I hope you can solve your problem after you read this letter. Take care.

Wing Hong


Name : Low Hong Hong

Class : 5C

A Letter Of Reply

Dear Siu Wah,

It is nice to hear from you. Don't be upset. I understand how worried you are because I have been troubled by the same problem, too. Are you surprised? But don't worry, I have solved it for a long time. Let me tell you what you should do in this case. Firstly, you should know that young people are understandably curious about sex, you and your brother aren't the exception. As sex education is not forthcoming from teachers and parents, many teenagers are very curious and they choose to rely on pornography as a substitute for proper sex education, but it is an inaccurate way.

Nowadays, it is very easy for teenagers to gain access to pornographic magazines, but it is very dangerous because teenagers are immature so they are easily misled by the pornographic magazines. They will have many illusions about sex if they are continuously exposed to such magazines. Moreover, the effects of these magazines on youngsters can be disastrous. If they receive the wrong message, such as pre-marital sex is right and acceptable, they will gradually form a distorted view of sex.

I suggest that your brother and you should talk to your parents who are experienced. Don't  be shy, because it is common and natural. Right? Maybe, your parents will teach you a proper way to solve this problem. Besides, you can watch the program produced by the Family Planning Association, which can furnish you with the right message about sex education. Many people said that people in Hong Kong are more open towards sex. I oppose to that view, because it is just a minority of them. They are open towards sex because they are in lack of sense towards sex education and many rave parties are very popular among teenagers, too. I hope that my opinions can help you more or less to solve the problem. Remember, every problem can be solved and don't worry about it.

Drop me a few lines. Bye.


Wing Hong

Name: Chan Sze Ting

Class: F5 C

A Letter of Reply

Dear Siu Wah,

I received your letter yesterday. I do understand your feeling because I had the same problem before. At that time, I really don't know what to do and I was very confused. Luckily, my mother found my problem and talked to me actively. So, I can solve the problem.

First, I think you should learn what is sex. Sex is a natural sentiment, everybody will have this sentiment. But you should learn it positively. For example, attend some seminars about sex or watch some programs produced by the Family Planning Association. They can answer your questions rightly.

Then, you must inform your parents and discuss your problem with them as they have rich experience. Please tell them you found some pornographic magazines on your brother's bed. Try to instill the right sex consciousness to your brother openly, just like a casual talk.

Perhaps you can borrow some books about sex education from the library or find some information on the Internet and read them together and explain them to your brother. Advise your brother not to buy the pornographic magazines, as young people who read them will gradually form a distorted view of sex.

Yes, people in Hong Kong are more open towards sex as sex education is now available. At last, can I solve your problem? I think the major thing is not to be shy, try to talk to your parents actively.

Best wishes,

Wing Hong

Name: Yu Chun Ming

Class: 5C

Giving advice to a friend

Dear Siu Wah,

Thank you for your letter. I haven't heard anything from you for a long time. Your situation is common. So, there are some suggestions which I hope I can help you.

Firstly, you read your brother's magazines and then you got excited and couldn't control yourself. I think it is a physiological reaction. Don't be afraid of that. I guess that you wanted to know more about sex but there is no way.

Should teenagers read pornographic magazines? I don't think it is healthy for us to read them. These magazines convey wrong message to young people. My classmates agree that these magazines are not good. They think reading them shows that they are grown-ups. My friends also read them to satisfy their curiosity about sex. Sex education is not forthcoming from teachers and parents. There are not many books they can find on this subject. In a word, teenagers should not read pornographic magazines because people who read them have a bad influence psychologically.

You could discuss the problem with your brother. You could talk to him more often to understand him. I think you should inform your parents because they have experience to help your brother. It is important to him not to distort sex. You could buy other magazines he likes instead.

In Honk Kong, it is easy to buy these magazines. It costs only a few dollars each, so most people can afford to buy them. People can watch the program about sex produced by the Family Planning Association. Also, we have a sex hotline on the radio. So, I think the people in Hong Kong are more open towards sex.

I hope that these suggestions can help you. I am looking forward to receiving your next letter.

Best wishes,

Wing Hong


Name: Pang Ho Yin

Class: 5C

A Letter Of Reply

Dear Siu Wah,

How are you? I am fine here. I know that you are in trouble. I'd like to share my opinions with you.

First, I think that teenagers should not read pornographic magazines because they will have many illusions about sex if they are continuously exposed to such magazines and they will receive wrong message about sex. For example, they will think pre-marital sex is right and acceptable.

Then, you should explain to your brother that it is wrong to read those materials. And you also need to inform your parents because they will share their view about sex with your brother.

Yes, Hong Kong people are more open towards sex because they can get the information about sex from the mass media, VCD or rave party. Nowadays it is easy for teenagers to gain access to pornographic magazines.

Finally, I think your brother should attend the seminar about sex because young people are understandably curious about sex; otherwise, your brother will gradually from a distorted view of sex.

Please send my best regards to your family.

Best wishes,

Wing Hong

  Name: Lam Kai Hong

Class: 5C

Clean Hong Kong Campaign

Some classmate and I joined the Clean Hong Kong Campaign and went to help clean up a popular beach last week. That day, the weather was very stuffy. We went to the bus stop in the morning. We traveled by bus and then arrived soon.

At once, I saw many orange peel, cigarette butts, glass bottles and plastic bags on the beach. This provided a breeding ground for germs. The germs spread different diseases. It seriously affected the outlook and international image of Hong Kong.

Then we cleaned the beach in well-organised groups. I wore gloves on my hands and put a lot of litter in a black plastic bag. We worked to remove some garbage.

I was very careless to tread on the glass fragment on my heel. I felt very painful. One young man laughed and said, "You are very lucky." Then he tossed an aluminum can on the beach. I bawled at him, "Don't leave your litter". "Litter wardens clean the beach every week." the litterbug shouted. "That is a very selfish and inconsiderate behaviour." I replied. He picked up the litter and put it in a litter bin.

At half past four in the afternoon, we finished our work. I felt very tired. I was very happy because the beach was very clean. I hope people can co-operate whole-heartedly to keep the beach clean. As a citizen, we should set a good example and positively participate in the Clean Hong Kong Campaign.

Name: Tam Ka Yan

Class : 5D

My Best Teacher

Dear Bonnie,

Hello! How are you? I am Chris. How are you getting on in your school this year?

This year, I have been very happy in my school because my form teacher is the best teacher I have ever met. My form teacher's name is Mrs. Polly Wong. She is tall and slim. She has a healthy and tanned complexion. She has short and straight hair. Her mouth is small with thin lips. And she always smiles with two dimples. She has a flat nose. Her eyes are big and beautiful. Her eyebrows are thin and dark. She is always casually but smartly dressed.

Mrs. Wong teaches me English and Art. She speaks English perfectly. Are you fond of painting? I have a great passion for painting. My teacher's painting shows great talent. She is reliable. She always has a happy expression. She is friendly, amusing, gentle and polite. But she is timid. Once, my classmate brought a hamster to school, but my classmate was careless. She lost the hamster. When my teacher came to our classroom, she suddenly saw the hamster on the teacher's chair. She shouted at once. We were frightened by her. It was so amusing. Do you have any amusing affairs?

Stop here! I am waiting for your letter! Keep in touch!

Yours sincerely,


Name: Koo Mei Ling

Class: 5E

A Letter of Reply

Dear Siu Wah,

I heard with amazement that you read pornographic magazines. In my opinion, teenagers should not read them because they do more harm than good. As far as I know, the sexual behaviour depicted in these magazines is socially unacceptable. I think you should stop reading them.

Well, it is evident that your brother must have read pornographic magazines as you found some on his bed. You can talk with him but you must control your emotion. If your brother did read the magazines, you should inform your parents as they have the responsibility to handle the matter.

As you know, nowadays it is easy for teenagers to gain access to pornographic magazines. Young people in puberty become more interested in sex. I think your brother read pornographic magazines out of curiosity. Therefore, you can help him, but you must be careful. `More haste, less speed.', as the saying goes.

When you talk with him, you should explain the harmful effects first. For example, it can affect his mental health and he will have many illusions about sex. He may even have bizarre behaviour or have a distorted view of sex. On the other hand, you can tell him the positive attitude towards sex. Finally, your parents may guide him to watch sex education films. Scolding is of no avail. I have doubts about whether the people in Hong Kong are more open towards sex, but I am sure that I am quite conservative in this matter.

Frankly speaking, the effects of these magazines on youngsters can be disastrous. Where there is a will, there is a way. I hope you can solve this problem as soon as possible. I look forward to hearing your good news. Please send my best regards to your family.

Best wishes,

Wing Hong


Name: Chiu Man Kin

Class: 5E

Tutorial Schools

Hong Kong students always feel stressful because of the competitive examination system. Therefore, many of them hope for extra lessons to enrich their knowledge so that they stand a chance of defeating their opponents in examinations. Because of the great demand, a great number of tutorial schools have been established. They boast that they can provide students with valuable opportunities to improve their study skills. Besides, tutorial schools like to build up their tutors' unique images. Their reputations for good teaching are slowly infiltrating into students' mind; so many students rely on them.

As a result, attending tutorial schools seems to be an avenue to get good results in examinations. Students hope they can get the maximum benefit from joining the tutorial schools. Under such trend, tutors turn out to be the more popular helpers in students' eyes.

We must consider every aspect of a problem before arriving at the conclusion. No one can guarantee that a famous tutor is the qualified one. It has been revealed that some tutorial school teachers do not possess a relevant degree. The tutors' qualities are in doubt. Moreover, many tutorial school teachers have no genuine concern for students, especially those who are obviously intended for deceiving students.

It is obvious that students may not benefit from attending tutorial schools. They may become less attentive in their day school lessons as they do not trust their teachers. It stands to reason that students can succeed if they work hard and seek advice from their teachers.

Name: Kam Chi Lun

Class : 5E

Giving Advice to A Friend Dear Siu Wah,

I am very happy to receive your letter. But I am so sorry that I haven't written to you for a long time. From your letter, I know that you have been troubled by the problems of your brother. Don't worry about that.

Nowadays, it is easy for teenagers to gain access to pornographic magazines from the convenience shops or newspaper stands. In puberty, young people read these magazines out of curiosity. So, your brother relied on pornography as a substitute for proper sex education. He behaved like this because he cannot receive normal sex education from teachers and parents.

I don't agree that teenagers should read pornographic magazine. It is because the effects of these magazines on youngsters can be disastrous. Young people who read them will gradually form a distorted view of sex. They will have many illusions about sex if they are continuously exposed to such magazines. In addition, the sexual behavior depicted in these books is socially unacceptable. Without question, its impact on youngsters is strong. They may commit crimes such as rape.

In my view, you need to advise your brother not to get obsessed with them and tell him reading such magazines will do more harm than good to his mental growth. If he wants to know more about sex, he can get information from Family Planning Association. Moreover, he can also ask the well informed teachers and parents.

Oh no, people in Hong Kong are not more open towards sex. It is due to the fact that they lack proper sex education in school. To make things worse, they are too embarrassed to ask their parents about sex. That's why they turn to pornographic magazines for help.

If you have any problems, please write to me. I look forward to receiving your letter.


Wing Hon