Chiu Man Kin (6C)
Have you discovered that more and more young people are overweight ? There is a problem of obesity in Hong Kong , especially serious among young people . It is caused by the change of life style which is unhealthy nowadays.
Along with the rising living standard, people have more chances to choose what they want to eat. People can always eat meat, and many different kinds of food of high calories. Junk food is really attractive and delicious, but unhealthy to us. Fast food can be found everywhere especially the unforgettable sign, McDonald's. In the most serious case, some of the young people take one meal of McDonald's each day. Although they can get special dolls such as Snoopy, Superman, and Hello Kitty there, they should control themselves from being obese.

While the development of information technology is very fast, many people have great interest in the Internet. Many students spend several hours on computer, especially ICQ. They just sit in front of the computer - a sedentary lifestyle, and have no chance to walk around. Thus, they do less exercise than before. Do not think exercise is only entertainment. It is really important! Keep on doing exercise can let your fat burn. So, exercise can keep your body fit.

Not only computer, youngsters always concentrate on playing TV games, reading comics etc. Those activities cannot burn much of our fat. Moreover, as the living standard is better now, youngsters always travel by transportation and refuse to walk on foot. Too little exercise makes the overweight problem become more and more serious.

What can we do to it? We should adopt a healthier life style. First of all, we have to choose some nutritional food and avoid eating those which carry a high rate of calories and fat. We had better eat more vegetables, fruit, fish and rice. Meat should be eaten as little as possible .In addition, young people should refrain from eating instant noodles ,fast food and snacks. And it is suggested that Chinese traditional food is healthier than western food as Chinese traditional food has less junk food.
Youngsters should do more exercise because they are in the growing peroid. Exercise is the most important thing. We had better spend less time on ICQ, but to play basketball, swim, or just go out for a walk after meal. It can make our body digest more easily and reduce our fat inside. Outdoor activities are interesting and healthy. Why don't we try more in our leisure time?
People who are overweight should be on a diet first. Many of them worry about their outlook. Some people may laugh at them as they are fat Thus their self esteem is hurt. But, the most serious problem is obesity can cause heart disease, diabetes and also high blood pressure. As we all know, these diseases killed some obese people. We should keep an eye on it.

We may set up a new method to attract our students to improve the life style. I suggest in every school canteen a suitable nutritional meal planning should be provided. Students can easily improve themselves starting from their schools.
Hurry up! Action speaks louder than words! Try to improve your health now!

Banning of mobile phone in school

Lam Kwan Yau(6C)

Nowadays, in this 21st century, everyone is concerned about Information Technology. Mobile phone is one of the IT productsthat emerge most rapidly in recent years. It can be regarded as one of the essential equipment of everyday life for Hong Kong people. It is not surprising to find that everyone walking in the street carries a mobile phone. Even a five-year-old child has its own mobile phone and therefore, I believe, you are also a mobile phone holder.

As mentioned before, mobile phone has become essential equipment of daily life, it will be brought with you whenever you go. School is not an exception. However, the use of mobile phone in school has been banned by the Principal since there are several reasons supporting it.

First of all, school should provide a suitable environment for learning. Any noise produced by mobile phone would break the learning atmosphere during lessons. It diverts the attention of other students and interrupts the teacher's teaching. On the other hand, some students may play with their mobile phones as an entertaining tool to overcome "boring" lessons. All of the above pose unnecessary disturbance to the class.

Secondly, although mobile phones are so common nowadays, each costs at least several hundred dollars. It is too expensive for students to bring to school. It may become the target of some dishonest students. The crime rate is therefore believed to soar and the security of the school would be threatened. Therefore, it is not worthwhile for students to bring and to use mobile phones in schools.

Lastly, there are numerous brands and types of mobile phones in the market. Therefore, having a new model of mobile phone is regarded as trendy. The concept is widely spread and it has become a trend. This trend will catch on in schools if students are allowed to use mobile phones during school time. Students may spend a large sum of money in order to buy an "up-to-date" mobile phone and compete among students. As a result, the school would become a place for students to show off their latest models but not a place to study.

In view of the above disadvantages of having mobile phones in school, the ban imposed by the Principal is unavoidable and reasonable. In your view, the ban may cause inconvenience to you. However, the use of mobile phone in school gives rise to the school security problem, disrupts the learning atmosphere and causes disturbance to other classmates and the class. Be a considerate student. Don't use mobile phone in school. Don't be a selfish guy!

How to encourage more students to participate in sports?

Chan Ka Fai (6C)

Dear Mr. Chan,
I am the secretary of the Sports Club. This year we would like to encourage more students to participate in sports. Hong Kong students lack exercises, especially our schoolmates. They think that playing sports are so hard and wastes their time. They prefer spending time going shopping or surfing the Internet to playing sports. The former would be more exciting and meaningful! This trend is already deep-rooted in the mind of students.

As I know, football is quite popular in Hong Kong. Many students like watching the World Cup. So we would like to suggest the Past Students' Association to promote this sport among the students. This sport is very interesting and easy to pay. It is suitable for both boys and girls. Although the female football has not developed so rapidly, it also has its value of existence.
It seems that we just use our legs to play football, but this sport can help us to exercise our whole body. As playing football students must have other forms of training, such as running. It is a good chance for them to strengthen their lungs and heart. It is because much blood which contains oxygen is pushed back to the heart when you are moving your arms or legs. Also, it enhances the ability of defence because blood brings more oxygen to be used to produce energy. It is also a good way to keep fit and become more muscular.

As we know, our school has large space for playing football. I think that we have built a court in the playground. We don't need to book a field outside for training. It helps save money. Also, football teams also exist in other schools. I suppose that it is a good opportunity for us to promote football in school.

Also, playing football can help students to develop team spirit because the team members must cooperate with each other. We cannot miss any member in the game. So everybody in the team has their status of the value. I think football has some challenges for members because it will have many competitions. When they join the event, they will get more experience no matter they win or not. Some people say that "No pain, no gain" and "Failure teaches success". I think that it is good. It can make members more self-confident for their own development. This further promotes a sense of belonging to the teams and school among the members. It's great!

As I write this letter, I hope that the Past Students' Association will sponsor for building the playground, buying some facilities of gymnasium and clothing of football members. Also, your association can introduce some coaches for training students and hold some talks which introduce the importance of the sports.
I hope that you will consider our suggestion. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me.

Yours sincerely,
Chris Wong
Secretary of the Sport Club

Rave Parties in Hong Kong
Chan Ho Yan, Cora (6C)
Nowadays, more and more young people go to rave parties .You may be curious about these parties, but do you really know what goes on there?

Undoubtedly, Rave Party has become a trendy name in Hong Kong among teenagers. However, I don't think this trend is healthy, because many people go there not only because of the techno music and the atmosphere, but also because of drugs. Besides, the SAR rave parties also provide a chance for the drug dealers to sell their drugs to youngsters.

Recently, a number of people were arrested for possession of drugs such as Ecstasy and Ketamine. People who use their drugs take them to enhance their mood. They believe that these drugs can help them to forget the unhappy things and bring them to paradise. However, they are unaware that these drugs can also cause brain damage and even in some cases, even death.

Indeed, I think that young people go to such parties and take drugs because it allows them to relax and retreat from reality. If rave parties are banned, they will still find something else to replace them. For instance, youngsters will gather to take drugs in the alley at night. Therefore, prohibition alone is not enough to stop the youngsters from taking drugs.

From my point of view, I do believe that is not the proper way for those youngsters to choose taking drugs as a method to forget unhappiness. When they wake up, they will find that the problem is still there, it hasn't been solved. Parents should spend more time talking with their children, as communication can help improve mutual understanding between them. On the other hand, the government should also organize more trendy and healthy activities for young people, so they can learn how to solve the problem optimistically. In fact, it cannot deny that learning how to overcome the difficulties in our life is not an easy task, especially for those young people who are losing their way.

The chairman of a charity called 'Care for the Elderly' has been invited to give a speech at a lunch (given by an organization like the Rotary Club or Round Table). The purpose of the speech is to try to raise funds.

Szeto Ying Ho (6B)

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen,
First of all, I want to ask you some questions. Do you know that about one tenth of Hong Kong's population are aged 60 and over? Do you know that everything they have contributed are those we are now enjoying happily? Do you know that they are often forgotten nowadays? Do they need our helping hands? It seems that Government fixes everything, but that's not enough absolutely. We should have a proper attitude towards the elderly.

Our objective is to raise funds from caring citizens like you and distribute to places where it is most needed like providing social services, activities and operating Elderly Social Centers.

I realize that why you are not willing to donate money. Perhaps you may think: " Is this organization trustful?" Just take a look at our efforts everywhere and you will get the answer. We celebrate festivals with the aged. We have social service groups looking after them and we provide services such as personal care or even free-meal service. I'm sure your money won't be wasted.

You may also ask: "I won't waste $100 to help those I don't know." We want to clarify that the amount of donation is up to you. Of course, we hope you can donate more. Furthermore, the elderly have contributed a lot to the society. Do you think we should consider such a stupid question? Definitely not.

Donating money for the elderly is a meaningful thing. They can receive care if we are willing to pay a small amount of money. It's just a piece of cake, isn't it? Come on! Don't hesitate!

Some people argue that TV quiz shows will make people money-minded and the wish of pursuing knowledge can be distorted. Do you agree? Write an essay arguing for or against such TV quiz shows.

Lin Kwok Ying, Yumi (6B)

"Do TV quiz shows really make people money-minded?" "Is it true that this type of TV shows distort the wish of pursuing knowledge?" Some people are arguing for these questions and against these TV quiz shows. In my view, I don't think so. Why? Let me tell you in the following paragraphs.

First of all, I want to point out the advantages of these TV quiz shows. These TV quiz shows can increase the knowledge of people. I think nobody will disagree. For the adults, they like to watch such a TV show in order to learn more things. In the past, many people cannot study because of money or family problems. Now, they can watch these TV shows to keep abreast of the time of the society. For the children, they also like to watch such a TV show in order to learn more things that cannot be learnt from books or schools. These shows can also remind you the things that are meaningful or important in the past.

In addition, these TV shows can raise funds for the charity. The winner must donate half of their money to the charity which they like to donate. I think this is meaningful because it is not only a TV show but also can help many people. For this reason, we can find that these shows will not make people money-minded. If they are money-minded, they will not agree to donate half of their money to the charity. And I think that money is only a reward for the people who can give out correct answers to their questions. Only people who have enough courage and knowledge can get the money. Not everyone can get money from these shows. Therefore, I don't think that these TV shows will make people money-minded.

There is no doubt that many people neglect the meaning of these TV shows. If the winners use the money in a proper way, then the shows become more meaningful. And these shows are fast catching on in many countries. Why? It is because these TV quiz shows are interesting and meaningful. Many people like to watch such a TV show and this means these shows have their value in society. If these shows have lots of disadvantages or problems, I think they will be banned by the society.

Also, I think these TV quiz shows can force people to study in order to get the money. This can make the society better because of the increase of people's knowledge. This is one of the good ways to increase the knowledge of the people of Hong Kong.

In my opinion, these TV quiz shows will not create any problems to our society. The problems are all made by us. If people can use the money in a proper way, they will not seem to be money-minded. And these shows can increase the knowledge of people but I believe people's wish to pursue knowledge will not be distorted.

Lee Sheung Lok (6B)

Dear Mr. Chan,

Re: No More Plastics Bags

In reply to your letter concerning the suggestion of using fewer plastic bags in our shop, I would like to tell you how we think of your ideas and what our supermarket will be doing.

In fact, we think that your ideas are so useful that they must be able to solve the pollution problems.

For the suggestion of the " No More Plastic Bags" campaign, we think that people should learn from the campaign that how serious the results will be if we go on using a lot of plastic bags every day.

For the suggestion of providing delivery service for the customers who do not use plastic bags, we think that it will attract lots of customers not to use plastic bags. It is not doubtful that it will give a great push to reduce the pollution made by plastic bags.

For the suggestion of encouraging the customers to use their own bags, we think that we should give reasons to the customers so as to let them know the advantages of using their own bags. As a result, it helps in solving the pollution problems.

Actually, the component of the plastic bags are non-biodegradable; that is, they cannot be decomposed in a short period of time. Furthermore, the incineration of plastic bags will produce toxic gases that will destroy the ozone layer and will affect our health. Therefore, pollution made by plastic bags badly affects our health and the environment.

As a citizen of Hong Kong, keeping our environment green is one of our responsibilities. So, our supermarket will do the following things in order to alleviate the pollution problem.

Firstly, we will hold a campaign which spreads the ideas of the advantages of not using plastic bags regularly. Maybe we will hold it once a month. Secondly, we will provide delivery service for the customers who do not use plastic bags. Thirdly, we will encourage the customers to use their own bags through the announcement. Fourthly, we will put a collection box for collecting the used plastic bags. Last but not least, our supermarket will use plastic bags that can be recycled instead of using plastic bags that cannot be recycled.

Anyway, keeping our environment green is essential. Hence, our supermarket would like to give a sponsorship to your organization so as to help you in your " No More Plastics Bags " campaign.

If necessary, please write to me to let me know about the details of the campaign. Moreover, if you have further questions about what our supermarket will do, please write to me also. I would answer your questions as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely, JEFF LEE
Public Relation Manager of ABC Supermarket.

A Speech

Wong Ka Man (6A)

Ladies and gentlemen,

I'm so glad and honorable to represent my charity 'Care for the Elderly' to speak in this occasion. Are you enjoying your life now? Of course, I think most of you will say 'yes'. All of us are now enjoying the fruit of the hard labour of the old people. However, old people are often forgotten. We should respect them. So, our charity desires to raise funds for the elderly to provide them with much care. Here, I would like to draw your attention to the elderly and hope you will help them.

First of all, there is a serious shortage of services and facilities catering for the particular needs of the old people nowadays. Our charity will provide some joint gathering for the elderly and some voluntary workers will visit them regularly. In order to promote the well-being of the elderly, we will hold the 'Festival of the Aged' to provide them more social functioning. Moreover, we will help them to develop their potential as they can work as voluntary workers. For instance, they can sell flags on Saturdays or look after the babies. As a result, they can develop their positive life value.

Therefore, we need your help to raise fund for our charity. It is a good cause for all of you. At first, we will give you a silk banner and let the public know that you are full of love. Furthermore, it can act as an advertisement. We will put your name on our charity board. Thus, it can act as a kind of promoting your company or your goods. It can raise your popularity as well. Also, the impression of the public will be good by your fund raising.

Besides, our charity is well-organized and responsible. We have been established for 5 years and have a good popularity in the public. We will spend the funds on their house; for example, we will provide the elderly with television and air-conditioner. Apart from this, we will spend the money decorating the Elderly Social Centre. It can provide a more comfortable place for them to relax or to entertain.

The elderly need our care. It is meaningful to all the concerned if you turn up for our fund raising. I believe that all of you are full of love and will raise fund for the elderly. May I wish you all a good day!

The letter of No More Plastic Bags Campaign

Wong Yun Wan (6A)

Sunny Supermarket,
8 Sun Road,

Dear Sir/Madam,

"No More Plastic Bags" campaign"
As the Chairman of Green Peace, I have noticed the environmental threat brought about by plastic bags.

Plastic bags made of polyethylene which is not easily damaged by water or chemicals, and it takes hundreds of years to break down into its elements. Besides, a number of hazards outcomes result from the disposal of plastic products.

Firstly, the space of landfill is limited. Fewer and fewer suitable sites are available for dumping. Also, landfill sites are often located in open space which can be set up country parks. On the other hand, it is one of the major sources of land pollution. Accumulation of plastic products often produces bad smell, and destroys natural beauty. More seriously, diseases may spread out from waste dumps.

Secondly, it is also one of the major sources of air pollution. The burning of waste including plastic products results in the emission of toxic gases which are harmful to our health. For instance, people may easily get lung cancer.

Finally, the manufacturing process of plastic bags requires the use of non-renewable resources. Non-renewable resources are energy resources of which the nature rate regeneration is much slower than the rate of consumption by us.

Our organization, Green Peace, is launching a "No More Plastic Bags" campaign. It aims at reducing the use of plastic bags. I would like to make a comment on supermarkets and the plastic bags you give to customers. Although the cost of plastic bags is cheap, plastic bags spoil our environment. They are what I mentioned above. If we only concern about the nearest benefits, the near future will bring us acute environmental problems. Re-usable and biodegradable bags can substitute plastic bags. I suggest that you should use re-usable bags or biodegradable bags. The government will subsidize the supermarkets which try to use re-usable bags or biodegradable bags instead of using plastic bags.

I hope you can participate in this campaign. In addition, your employees can encourage customers to bring their own bags, and post the posters of this campaign, "No More Plastic Bags" everywhere in your supermarkets. This campaign can arouse the awareness of environmental conservation of the public. Not until people aware of environmental conservation will our environment become worse and worse.

We may set the trend of environmental conservation, and then this trend will be prevailing among the public in the 21st century. I am willing to hear that all the supermarkets participate in the campaign vigorously.

If you have any opinion on this campaign, please send a letter to us.

Yours faithfully,
Peter Wong
Chairman of Green Peace

A Speech

Sze Man Ho (6A)

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to the Rotary Club. I am the chairman of a charity called 'Care for the Elderly'. I am so glad and honorable to represent my charity to give you all a speech. Besides, I am grateful to see no vacancy here. Reliable statistics reveal that people aged 60 and over constitute one tenth of Hong Kong's population. Do you have any elderly members in your family? Do they have enough concern and care? Although it is not hot news, it must be a burning question and we need to tackle it.

Our job is mainly to raise fund and provide certain services for the fragile and vulnerable elderly. We are really wrapped up in our work. For example, we have provided a hotline for the elderly who want to share their feelings when they feel depressed or even ask how to apply for the social welfare aids. Also, our registered social workers will help them to solve their problems. On the other hand, we would provide talks and educational kits, such as leaflets, VCDs and exhibition boards about the elderly for the schools. We wish to further promote the concern and care of elderly among the young generation in order to pave the way and attract more new bloods in the coming future.

Nowadays, however, there is a serious shortage of services and facilities catering for the particular needs of the old people. They had contributed so much to the society, but they received such a raw deal. To be honest, it would be a vicious circle and such things may happen to you a matter of time. Please don't turn a blind eye to the elderly. It is a golden opportunity for all of you to be a trend-setter to help them. Please! We really you're you hand. Although we may be a drop in the ocean, we must be fully stretched and to be a well- organized and responsible charity.

As we don't know the tricks of the trade, but if you help us, you may be benefited from it. For instance, we would help you to have an advertisement in our talks among the schools. You not only gain a popularity, but also your products may become more popular. Moreover, it also sows the seed in the next generation's mind. How meaningful it is!

Indeed, your support is so vital to us to help the elderly. Their future is in your hands. Join us now.

An Adjustment Letter

Lam Ho Yin (6A)

Advertisement Department
Flat 2B, Apply Daily Building,
Tai Po Industrial Estate
New Territories, H.K.
5th February, 2002

Mr. Kenny Yeung,
Flat 15A, Cloudview Mansion,
24, Castle Peak Road, H.K.

Dear Mr. Yeung,
Re: Amendment on Advertisement

We must really apologize for the errors made in the advertisement concerning your company's opening. Not long ago, we received your secretary's call regarding the matter, the letter you sent was also addressed to our department this morning. We are sorry for the mistakes occurred and inconvenience brought to your company.

Preventing the similar cases, we will strengthen our monitoring on the procedure for the Classified Advertisements. Respecting your advertisement, we have amended it promptly rooted to the sketch attached in your letter. The obvious fault we made is inevitably our responsibility. To your plot, it is a black-and-white that would publicize in the inside pages. We will remunerate your loss as we upgrade your advertisement to a colored version. Truly, it is free of charge. We promised to arrange your advertisement in the front-page of our Classified Advertisements. Besides, we will run your publicity for a longer period of 14 days and it will not cost you any.

In detail, we apply a new design based on your enclosed one. The shoe on the right hand side will be changed to a C.G. graphic one instead of two-dimensional graphic. The name of your company "Cony Cobblers" will be enlarged so that it sounds more attractive. By adding the border, it will be beautified as an appealing advertisement that can draw public interest in your company's opening. It may help to raise your company's popularity in the territory.

The renewed version can be run instantly if your company would like to use our design. We welcome if you consider to apply the original version. Starting from tomorrow, the arranged advertisement will be post on our newspaper if your company is satisfied with our amendment. We greet to receive your concern on the advertisement. We, on behalf of Apple Daily Ltd., sincerely apologize for the trouble we have put you through. We hope the arrangement will make you pleased as the errors made by us. We enclosed a revised coloured version for your reference. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Yours sincerely,
Sub-editor of the Classified Advertisement

Enclosure: Revised Coloured Version (3 Copies)

A Letter of Complaint

Lau Fung Chun (6A)

Flat 3490
Kerry House
Sunshine Building

25th November,2001

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
Rm.2503, Landmark
Des Voeux Road
Hong Kong

Dear Sir/Madam,
Re: Lodging a complaint

I am writing to complain about your decision to establish a halfway house for ex-mental patients in the vicinity of my estate.

When our residents knew your plan, most of us protest against and began to feel the pinch of it. We have the fear that having mental patients in our neighbourhood would constitute dangers to our safety. Although not all of the ex-mental patients are inclined to violence, we are afraid that some of them may attack our children or the residents. Therefore, we may always need to keep an eye on the safety of our children and ourselves. Besides, two kindergartens, two primary schools and a secondary school are there. When some bad students are after school, they may attack the patients. At that time, who are convinced to the adequate security measures in the halfway house and who would shoulder the responsibility if some tragedies will be caused by the residents and the patients? As a result, there may be an argument between them.

Furthermore, in the estate, there are just a few community facilities nearby. After the establishment of the halfway house, there will be a lack of space to build more recreation grounds to cater for the needs of the youths.

The nearby playground is always the source of noise made by the children and this would affect the emotion of the patients.

Moreover, our estate is not located near any hospital which is essential to the patients. Therefore, a place where is more quiet and near a hospital will be more suitable to establish the convalescent home. In addition, we think that the halfway house should be built in a place with green surroundings rather than in housing estate where the pace of living is quick and could easily cause the ex-mental patients to relapse.

In fact, if you do not give any proper reply, I will send a petition to all related departments and a complaint letter to the newspaper. More seriously, our residents will make a march to the Government Office. Maybe, you think we are making a mountain out of a molehill. Yet, you can imagine the fears among the residents and our suffering from the nervous breakdown.

As a whole, I demand a freeze on the Government's plan to build a halfway house in the vicinity of my estate. I would be grateful if you attend to the matter and take necessary action as soon as possible. Thank you for your prompt attention.

Yours faithfully,

The Owner of Sunshine Building Association


Name: Leung Li Ping
Class: 6A

Preparing for the public examinations

Having passed the HKCEE examination, I will face the HKAL Examination, so I should work hard to prepare for the examination in these two years. I will read some books about the subjects which I study because these books can help me to know more about the subjects and give me some examples. I can also acquire good concepts from these books. It is important for me to understand the concepts, like those of Economics. And I will do revision after school and during holiday, and ask the teachers if I have questions. Doing past papers is important too. That can let me know the format and the requirements about the examination, and which topics will appear more. Moreover, I can learn the answering skills when I do the past papers. I will study in a quiet place where there are no T.V., telephone and computer. I want to concentrate on my studies, so I will study in a study room. All in all, getting good results in the examination is important to me if I want to get a place in the university. So I can't be lazy in these two years.

Name: Lau Ming Hin
Class: 6B

Study or Romance

Dear Kelvin'

Not having seen you for a long time, I miss you very much. How do you do? Is British life good? Anyway, I need not worry about you as you are mature enough to take care of yourself.

I am busy studying and running the student union in my school. Everything seems to be smooth. Recently, I have had a strong feeling of love for a girl in my class. It has been troubling me for two weeks. I know you experienced it when you were in school. I would like to have your advice on whether I should start a romantic relationship with her.

At the beginning of the academic year, teachers in my school always reminded students that F.6 life is tough and hectic. Since F.6 studies directly affect my future, I can't waste these two years. It is emphasized that love should be banned until after F.7. Romance affects our studies by taking away time for dating. As many students are immature, they can't manage their time well. They are easily obsessed with romance and ignore their studies. Usually the winner in romance is the loser in studies. If I lose the chance of further studies, how can I give my wife a decent life? Everything considered, I shouldn't start romantic relationship in F.6.

However, there are pros and cons of having romantic relationship in F.6. It is not easy to have two people come together closely. A relationship doesn't last long if one of the couple is not sincere. Communication is indispensable. We can learn to be considerate. Furthermore, romance cultivates our tolerance. Not just for romance, a thoughtful mind is also an important element of getting along with people. Therefore, I really regard that romance does not affect studies much. On the contrary, it is a motivation for study. Having a definite target can motivate students to learn. In this sense, romance is a merit rather than a demerit.

I am caught in a dilemma. I hope you can give me advice on this problem. Thanks for your help in advance.
Best wishes'


Name: Ng Hoi Ling
Class: 6A

No More Plastic Bag Comapaign

Dear Sir / Madam,

My name is Natalie Ng, the chairman of Green Peace. Our organization is launching a campaign called 'No More Plastic Bags.' We would like to start the programme in your supermarket because you have a close contact with the public.

Why do we organize these campaign? As we all know, pollution is serious in Hong Kong. The increase of wastes brings a lot of problems to us: lacking space for landfill, polluting the air and water, threathening the life of animals and fishes, etc. if we continue to use plastic bags, the pollution problems would become more and more serious. It is because the burning of plastic bags may release some toxic gases like PCBs and carbon dioxide, which cause greenhouse effect.

However, a supermarket is one of the places that use a large amount of plastic bags. We would like to persuade you to use less plastic bags. Here are some suggestions for you to reduce the use of it. For example, you may advise your customers to bring their own bags or advise them to bring their old or useless plastic bags back to the supermarket for recycling. Besides, you may provide the recycled paper bags or boxes for the customers. That will cause less pollution. You may set up a system like that in some foreign countries; that is, charge the customer who needs bags.

The methods mentioned above is necessary for every kind of shops. We understand that it is very difficult to start the programme, but when you think of our environment, you may understand why this programme must be held immediately. At the same time, we may carry out series of programmes like exhibitions, drama, talks, etc. We hope that the different kinds of activities may draw people's attention to our theme, 'No More Plastic Bags.'

Finally, this campaign relys on everyone. We would not like to see the earth turning into a greenhouse, and we would not like to increase danger to our health. In order to prevent these from happening, we should stop using plastic bags and educate people to use less plastic bags. It is our responsibility to build up a good living environment. We hope that you would consider our suggestions and do something for the environment-'No More Plastic Bags.'
Yours faithfully,
Natalie Ng
Chairman of Green Peace


Name: Lo Wai Chuen
Class: 6B

Mandatory Provident Fund

The Mandatory Provident Fund Scheme is to take effect next month. However, only a few employers have registered. The Government has warned that employers who have not registered by then will be prosecuted. The situation is serious. When compared with other Asian countries, Hong Kong has lagged behind. The Mandatory Provident Fund System will provide employees with retirement protection and lighten the burden on the Government. It will benefit both employees and society. Furthermore, as employees having Mandatory Provident Fund protection need not worry about their future, the system would make employer-employee conflict less likely and increase business's cohesion.

However, some employers may think that the economy is in such poor shape that they have difficulty putting up extra money to take out insurance for their employees. Also, some employees are reluctant to contribute the part of their wages to join the system. For some small businesses, they have taken a wait-and-see attitude. Some wait and see if they are certainly required to join the scheme.

In my view, the Government ought to take effective steps to dispel the worry and do more to get in touch with the small businesses. Finally, it is not easy to bring a new thing into existence. However, the setting up of the Mandatory Provident Fun scheme has much to do with Hong Kong's overall, long-term development and bears upon many sectors' interests. It is time for us to do something for our future.


Name: Lo Wai Chuen
Class: 6B

Language Benchmark Assessment

The Education Commission has basically adhered to its policy position that teachers should take a language benchmark test despite teachers' allegation that it would be an insult to their profession. Its perseverance is commendable. However, while the test is full steam ahead, an advertisement has appeared in which spelling errors and "grammatical mistakes" in a mock benchmark test prepared by the Examinations Authority are listed. Some have therefore questioned the standard and even the value of the test

In response the Examinations Authority has said the mistakes are mostly typographical errors which escaped proofreaders' notice. True, even Britons and Americans may, if they are careless, make spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. For example, former US president George Bush has often used the present tense and the past tense indiscriminately.

The benchmark test is designed to assess language proficiency. It is surprising that the Examinations Authority has been so very careless. Using poor English to assess English proficiency would of course arouse ridicule and give teachers a handle to use against the assessment. The Examinations Authority did commit a blunder, and it committed it when it ought not to have made any mistake. However, the purpose of the language benchmark assessment is to ensure, maintain and improve English proficiency among teachers. It would eventually benefit students and society. I ought not to reject the policy of requiring teachers to take the test just because mistakes have been spotted in the mock test.

Notwithstanding that there are mistakes in the mock test prepared by the Examinations Authority and that some scholars say most of the "mistakes" listed by the advertiser (a school) are not mistakes, the affair shows again it is beyond dispute that English proficiency has generally fallen in Hong Kong. Furthermore, the situation is worse than we realised.

Previously we came to realise that students (even college students) in Hong Kong could speak only poor English. Foreign visitors have complained that in Hong Kong it is often futile to speak in English to drivers, salesclerks and people in other services. Recently we have come to realise that SOME English-language teachers' performance is below standard and they occasionally have to use their mother tongue when they give English-medium classes. Lawyers have always been regarded as most proficient in English. However, complaints have been heard in the legal profession about lawyers' poor English. We now know there are mistakes in the Examinations Authority's mock benchmark test. Even the English proficiency of the Examinations Authority officials who set the test has been called into question!

When English proficiency has dropped among officials, is there anything we can do to stop it from falling in Hong Kong? I take the view that it is necessary to launch the benchmark assessment precisely because English proficiency is generally poor in Hong Kong. We also take the view that not only teachers but also people in other sectors should be required to take benchmark tests.

Seeing that English proficiency has fallen in the legal profession, the Law Society has recently proposed launching a benchmark test for lawyers so as to maintain the high standards of the profession. "Shame is close to fortitude." The attitude of facing problems and positively trying to make improvements is worthy of emulation.

The legal profession having set an example, teachers should no longer refuse to take the test on the grounds of dignity. Then, what about civil servants? Is it advisable to create a unified language test or tests of various standards to meet the needs of various industries so as to improve English proficiency generally and salvage Hong Kong's reputation?



Name : Choi Sai Ping
Class: 6A

Dear Sir,
I am writing to complain about the halfway house which will be built in Shek Yam Estate next year, Here are some reasons why we don't want the half house to be built in our estate.

First, many elderly and children live in the estate. They cannot protect themselves from danger. If the mental patients are out of control and attack people suddenly, the elderly and children will become very dangerous. The safety of the residents are not ensured.

Second, the halfway house will be built near a kindergarten. If the mental patients escape from the halfway house, he may go into the kindergarten. And this will make the children feel scared and the patients may hurt the children when he loses self-control suddenly. And it is also dangerous for children to stay so near the halfway house. So it is not suitable for a halfway house to be built near the kindergarten.

Finally, when we chose to live in this estate, no one told us a halfway house would be built. We just knew that, a public clinic and an elderly daily care centre will be built. However, when the plan was changed, nobody told us. We just knew from the annual report that the plan had changed. This is not fair to us. We chose to live in this estate because we want to have better living environment. We do not want to live in fear.

I hope the plan will be considered again. It is not suitable for the Government to build a halfway house in a housing estate and near a kindergarten, and I also hope that the plan will be withdrawn. Otherwise, we will march to the Government Headquarters in Central with protest banners. And we may also conduct signature activities in our estate to oppose to the plan. We will also arrange a sit-in near the building site of the halfway house. If the Government still does not respond, we may demonstrate, hinder the building process, or even carry out hunger strikes.

We would be very grateful if the Government would build the halfway house in other places. We don't want to take further action. That will make the Government and residents become enemies. We don't want that to occur. We are looking forward to the new information about this plan. We hope the information a good one for us.

Yours faithfully,
Simon Choi
Chairman of the Owner's Association


Name : Chan Oi Ting
Class : 6C

Should I Start a Romantic Relationship at School?

Dear Richard,

Haven't heard from you for a long time. How's life? I am writing to you to ask for your advice on my situation. Well, I am now caught in a dilemma. A cloud is hanging over me.

Remember King Kong? The boy in my class who plays volleyball very well. We often play volleyball together. Recently, I've found that I am beginning to have a strong feeling of love for him. You know, he is so charming and adorable though he is not a handsome guy. I really enjoy being with him. But I don't know if I should start a romantic relationship with him since the pressure of the HKALE is great and I am preoccupied with the preparation of the exam.

When it comes to having romantic relationships at school, most people would say, "Don't try!" They think lots of time will be spent on dating rather than schoolwork if a secondary student has a boyfriend or girlfriend. Students, especially those who will take public exams soon, should be single-minded about their studies.

Well, I do think it is important to concentrate on my studies and to be single-minded. And I'm actually quite busy with it at this moment. However, some other people claim that a healthy romantic relationship between two sixth formers can be of great benefit to both of them. They think that with a boyfriend or girlfriend, students may be propelled to study harder. Better still, they can encourage each other and go to the study room to have revision together. They can also share feelings and learn to be considerate. To be frank with you, Richard, I very much hope that I could develop a healthy romantic relationship with him as we are both dedicated to our studies.

Besides my studies, there is one more thing that really worries me. If I decide to start a romantic relationship now, what should I do? Should I tell him I love him? Or just do nothing? The main point is that I don't know whether he is attracted to me or not. It will be extremely embarrassing to tell him my feelings if he does not love me at all. Moreover, I'm worried that dating may affect his schoolwork. You know, he is active in extra-curricular activities and therefore all his time is now devoted to his studies and sporting activities.

Richard, you are the only person I trust. Please tell me what I should do now. Look forward to hearing from you soon. 

With love,



Name: Leung Yun Ping
Class: 6C

Date: February 2001

A Lunch Speech to Raise Funds for Elderly Services

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It's my pleasure to have lunch with all of you in this splendid club. By the way, have you ever thought of the needy elderly when you're enjoying your delicious meals? Where can they get help? From the Government? That's not enough. There are more than forty local voluntary welfare agencies providing not only financial help but also nursing care or recreational facilities for the aged. Our charity, 'Care for the Elderly', is one of the well-known charitable organisations which provide comprehensive services for the elderly. 

First of all, let me tell you what our charity does. Our social workers, together with some voluntary workers, pay frequent visits to the elderly who live alone, trying to find out what they need most. For example, some may need home care services and we will arrange for them. Also, we'll give them small gifts during some festivals. Just a rice dumpling or a moon cake can surely show them our care and that they aren't the neglected. We must appreciate the dignity and status that the elderly should have. What they need is not only allowances from the Government but also respect from us. Besides visiting their homes, we have four centres providing them with free checkups and recreational facilities. We hope the elderly can enjoy their lives in a meaningful way with our support. We need money and your assistance to maintain our good-quality services.

Our charity has a history of more than thirty years and we are under the supervision of the Social Welfare Department. We are trustworthy and responsible. We do our best for the elderly and most of them appreciate our work very much. We also send quarterly reports to the donors, telling them what we have done with their donations.

With your donation, we can improve the services of our centres. For instance, we will organise more outings, and offer new recreational facilities and home care services for elderly people.

By donating the money for a meal or a small piece of jewellery, you can help our respected senior citizens to lead a happier life. It's nicer to give help than to be helped. So, please don't hesitate! Let's give them a helping hand.

I wish you all the best. Thank you.


Name : Lai Yat Ming
Class : 6C
Date : February 2001

Studying Overseas --- a Curse or a Blessing?

Dear Uncle Hung,

I am writing to ask if you could advise me on my studies --- whether to stay in Hong Kong's universities, or go overseas to study.

I am caught in a dilemma because I have the opportunity to make this decision. And I have received letters from two friends who are studying at overseas universities.

One of them who is studying in the UK says that her university life is wonderful. The university is surrounded by rivers and hills. The scenery is very beautiful. She is fond of the environment and loves studying there. Her room-mates are very easygoing and diligent, making her concentrate on studying instead of fooling around. She also says that the university offers a wide choice of degree programmes and the professors are terribly great. They are very willing to answer each question the students ask. And their lessons enable them to have a good understanding of the topics. In addition to the people and the courses, the facilities are also superb. There are two magnificent athletics fields, one Olympic-sized swimming pool, four well-equipped gyms, two state-of-the-art multi-media language learning centres and three large libraries. The university does provide the students with very good resources to study academic subjects as well as practise sports skills in all fields. She also mentions that studying overseas has forced her to use English rather than Chinese. As a result, she has got a great improvement in English. Furthermore, she has understood the British culture much better than before and learnt to be an independent person. To sum up, she enjoys studying overseas very much. 

However, the other friend who is studying in the States has told me a different story. He hates everything about life at his university. He says that his university is only an old building surrounded by residential buildings and highways. Without the soundproof equipment, students really find it difficult to concentrate on what the teachers say. Anyway, most of the teachers are so irresponsible that they do not often prepare their lessons. The lectures are very boring and only a few students can understand. Worse still, his classmates treat him badly. Owing to the language barrier, he doesn't quite understand what they are talking about. Some of them even push him around time and again. Racial discrimination is serious not only on campus but also in the town. What's more, there are not enough facilities in the university. For example, there is only a tiny gym for more than 2500 students. He can hardly do any exercise there. In fact, he feels that he has become weaker and weaker. Since there is only a small library, he has to go to the public one more often than not. Therefore, much time has been wasted on travelling between the public library and his dorm. He feels very homesick and helpless. He really dislikes studying there and he wants to come back to study in a local university as soon as possible.

Uncle Hung, I don't know if I should study overseas or not. On the one hand, I'm scared of overseas universities, but on the other I look forward to studying abroad. What do you think I should do?

Yours sincerely,




Chow Hiu Ling, Angel (6A)

Letter of Complaint- halfway house for ex-mental patients

Dear Sir,

On behalf of the owner’s association of Sun Chui Estate in Shatin, I feel I must protest against the Government’s plan of establishing a halfway house for ex-mental patients in the vicinity of our estate.

In fact, convalescent homes form an important ring for ex-mental patients to resume a normal life. However, those homes should not be built on public housing estates. A recent survey showed that 98 per cent of the residents opposed the setting up of halfway houses in their estate. It was because the residents fear that the mental patients would constitute dangers to their safety.

Ex-mental patients give an impression for many people that they are mentally abnormal. Although the ex-mental patients may not be more inclined to violence than an ordinary person, the residents of public housing estates still keep a distance from them. According to the crime rate in Hong Kong, some persons convicted of violent crimes, murder or manslaughter were suffering from mental illness. It can see that the mentally ill people are very dangerous.

Apart from that, we are dissatisfied with the location of the halfway house. It should not be located between two kindergartens. Since the pace of living on housing estates is quick, it might easily cause the ex-mental patients to relapse. If it does happen, the ex-mental patients will do something that affects our safety. This will cause a great threat to our lives. Then, who will be responsible for
these tragedies?

Besides, the residents of the first two phases of the estate did not know there would be a halfway house before they moved in. In fact, they did not have a chance to choose whether to move in or not. The residents are very angry about the Government plan.

Maybe you will say that the ex-mental patients do not pose any danger, but do you remember the U Chau Estate incident in 1982? A discharged mental patient living on the estate went berserk. Then, he killed six people with a knife and injured more than 40 others, mostly kindergarten students. At that time, many people regarded it as a tragedy and it aroused the public concern.

In conclusion, we strongly oppose to such a plan. We sincerely hope that the Government could withdraw the proposal. If the Government must establish the halfway house, it will be better to build in places with serene surroundings and near the quarters of medical staff.

If the Government does not give a proper reply, we will go on protest or reflect our dissatisfaction through the mass media in order to arouse the public's concern.

Lastly, I hope the Government would look into the matter as soon as possible.

Yours faithfully,

Chairman of the owners association,
Sun Chui Estate


Chan Wing Sze (6A)

Letter of Advice ~ Giving advice on studying overseas or in H.K.

Dear Miss Chan,

How are you getting on? I am sorry that I have not written to you for a long time.

I am writing to ask if you could advise me on studying at overseas universities. I have received letters from my two friends. One of them is really enjoying her school life at her overseas university. However, the other one hates his school life at his university. After I read these two letters, I feel hesitated. After the Hong Kong Advanced-level Examination, I need to make a choice between staying in the universities here and going overseas to further my studies. I do not know how to choose and which choice is better. Therefore, I would be grateful if you could give me some advice.

There are some merits for me to study abroad. For example, I will become more independent. I will not live with my family anymore. I will take care of myself, and everything will be managed by myself. Moreover, my poor English can be improved a lot. Living in a foreign country, I must always communicate with others in English. I will have an opportunity to practise my English. Furthermore, I can know more about the culture and customs of the other countries. Because of the big difference of the culture and customs between Hong Kong and foreign countries, I can broaden my knowledge if I study abroad. However, there are also some demerits for me. For example, I need to leave my home and my family. I need to live in a place that I have never been to. It is so difficult for me to adapt to the environment. Also, I need to leave my school, my schoolmates and my friends. I will be reluctant to part with them. And I need to face the racial discrimination because I am a Chinese. I will stay far away from home. I am a stranger in their eyes. I will be very lonely. I am afraid that I will be isolated.

All these make me feel anxious. Unfortunately, there are some advantages and disadvantages to further my studies in Hong Kong, too. If I study in Hong Kong, I will not feel lonely as I can get the support from my family and friends. When I feel sad, they are always by my side. Besides, there is no need for me to face any racial discrimination because Hong Kong is my home. In addition, I want to work in Hong Kong. I think the knowledge I learn in Hong Kong may be more practical for me to work in Hong Kong in the future. However, if I stay and study in Hong Kong, my horizon will be very narrow. I cannot broaden my knowledge.

As you see, I feel confused very much. Can you help me to choose because I really do not know how to choose. I would be very grateful if you could give me any help or suggestions. Thanks! 

Best Wishes,


Ho Yun Sang Kelvin (6A)

A Speech--Why is Putonghua so important and should it be a compulsory subject?

Principal, teachers and fellow schoolmates, I am the chairperson of the Student Union. Today, I am very delighted that I have the honour to speak to all of you. Everyone knows that Putonghua has become increasingly important in Hong Kong. I would like to share my opinions on the importance of learning Putonghua and whether it should be made a compulsory subject in the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examinations and Advanced Level Examinations with all of you.

In my opinion, Putonghua becomes more and more important due to several reasons. First of all, Putonghua is now widely used in Hong Kong’s commercial field. Many companies employ people who are good at speaking Putonghua. If we learn deeply about it, we would certainly get advantages if we want to apply for jobs in our future.

Secondly, since Putonghua has a long history in China, and Hong Kong is now already one part of China, we can know more about our own culture through learning it. Even western people learn Putonghua in order to know more about Chinese culture because they can easily ask for information by communicating with Chinese people through speaking Putonghua.

Thirdly, trade between Hong Kong and China has been increasing rapidly from the past few years. If we know more about Putonghua, we would be definitely successful in earning money. This would stimulate our economy.

There are so many advantages in learning Putonghua. This shows us that it is important for us to learn it as soon as possible in order to face our future. However, what should we do then? From my point of view, making Putonghua a compulsory subject in both of the public examinations for Form Five and Form Seven is the best way to learn it.

By making Putonghua a compulsory subject, students are required to put efforts in studying it. Some students would argue that this would in return place more pressure on them. However, it should depend on whether they can arrange their time properly. Even though we do not have an extra subject, many people would fail in the public examinations. Is that right?

Moreover, students who want to learn Putonghua would not need to spend a large sum of money. The school fee would be increased slightly in order to provide Putonghua lessons for students. In other words, it is cheaper for students to study Putonghua in schools.

Furthermore, students can a “proved qualification” in Putonghua by admitting the Putonghua public examinations. Companies can have more confidence in employing people with good results.

All in all, Putonghua is now being more and more important throughout the world. Why do we not study Putonghua when we are young? That is all for my opinion. Thank you for your time and attention.


Hung Kok Fai (6B)

Should Students have Romantic Relationships ?

To begin with, some people believe that romantic relationship between students should not be allowed because students have to concentrate on their academic studies. Undoubtedly, schoolwork is of paramount importance to students. They should study hard in order to obtain good qualifications, and thus they can make a good fortune. If teenagers have romantic relationships, they will waste most of their time and money on pursuing romance. As a result, they may spend relatively less time on their studies, and may eventually lead to unsatisfactory academic performance.

Nonetheless, another group of people has a different view. They believe that if students maintain a healthy romantic relationship, it may generate benefits to both of them. As a matter of fact, the pressure of studies and examinations indeed places a great load on young people as they grow up and develop. If students have a healthy romantic relationship, it not only helps them relieve their stresses derived from studies, but also creates a common goal for them to achieve.

In my view, students should not have romantic relationships until after Form seven. In order to have good prospects, students have to struggle on their studies. It is a waste of time on dating instead of studying. It is clear that the majority of youngsters lack self-control. They may indulge in romance and leave behind their studies. Thus a healthy romantic relationship is difficult to develop among teenagers. To conclude, having romantic relationships among youngsters does more harm than good to them. I strongly oppose students to have romantic relationships until after Form seven.

Cheng Chau Miu (6B)

Should romantic relationship between boys and girls wait until after Form7?

While keeping ourselves informed of current affairs, it is not difficult to find that a controversial topic has been debated for many years. Should romantic relationship between two students wait until after Form 7? Certainly, there are two schools of thought—some say that schoolwork is more important and romantic relationship should wait after Form7, while others say that a healthy romantic relationship between two youngsters can be of great benefit to both of them. Since both schools of thought have their own valid reasons, it is often not easy to make a decision.

Everyone knows, as well as I do, that the pressure of studies and examination places a great load on students. There is no doubt that schoolwork is the most important thing for students during their time at school. It is definitely true that students have to sit for two major public examinations—the HKCEE and the HKALE. If students develop romantic relationship, they will not have enough time to study and will not be able to concentrate on their studies. It will have negative effects for both their studies and exam results. Therefore, this is why many people, especially parents, strongly object to students developing romantic relationship until after Form7.

Besides, some traditional Chinese think that students are too young to develop romantic relationship. A recent survey carried out by a local mass medium shows that a rather high percentage of students in Hong Kong misunderstood the facts about relationships between boys and girls. As a result, people always worry that students may have sexual relationships when they are left alone at home.

However, some people argue that it can be of great benefit to both boys and girls when romantic relationships are healthy. It is said that a healthy romantic relationship helps students not only cultivate friendships but also improve mutual understanding between boys and girls. It is clear that many countries put emphasis on teaching students how to handle inter-personal relationships. As a result, healthy romantic relationships give students a chance to train themselves how to handle inter-personal relationships, especially boy-girl relationships. Hence, students can develop healthy romantic relationships.

Moreover, a healthy romantic relationship gives students an opportunity to take care of people. A recent survey shows that a rather high percentage of youth in Hong Kong lack compassion. Therefore, in order to encourage the youths to be more compassionate, the development of healthy romantic relationships is needed because it is one of the most important ways to show youths how to care about others and be compassionate.

As for as I am concerned, if students can manage their time reasonably and do not let it affect their studies, then developing a healthy romantic relationship is good for students’ growth and development. However, teachers and parents should give more advice to young people on how to handle the relationships.


Cheng Chau Miu (6B)

Should romantic relationship between boys and girls wait until after Form7?

While keeping ourselves informed of current affairs, it is not difficult to find that a controversial topic has been debating for many years. Should romantic relationship between two students wait until after Form 7? Certainly, there are two schools of thought—some say that schoolwork is more important and romantic relationships should wait after Form7, while others say that a healthy romantic relationship between two youngsters can be of great benefit to both of them. Since both schools of thought have their own valid reasons, it is often not easy to make a decision.

Everyone knows, as well as I do, that the pressure of studies and examination places a great load on students. There is no doubt that schoolwork is the most important thing for students during their time at school. It is definitely true that students have to sit for two major public examinations—the HKCEE and the HKALE. If students develop romantic relationship, they will not have enough time to study and will not be able to concentrate on their studies. It will have negative effects for both their studies and exam results. Therefore, this is why many people, especially parents, strongly object to students developing romantic relationship until after Form7.

Besides, some traditional Chinese think that students are too young to develop romantic relationship. A recent survey carried out by a local mass medium shows that a rather high percentage of students in Hong Kong misunderstood the facts about relationships between boys and girls. As a result, people always worry that students may have sexual relationships when they are left alone at home.

However, some people argue that it can be of great benefit to both boys and girls when romantic relationships are healthy. It is said that a healthy romantic relationship helps students not only cultivate friendships but also improve mutual understanding between boys and girls. It is clear that many countries put emphasis on teaching students how to handle inter-personal relationships. As a result, healthy romantic relationships give students a chance to train themselves how to handle inter-personal relationships, especially boy-girl relationships. Hence, students can develop healthy romantic relationships.

Moreover, a healthy romantic relationship gives students an opportunity to take care of people. A recent survey shows that a rather high percentage of youth in Hong Kong lack compassion. Therefore, in order to encourage the youths to be more compassionate, the development of healthy romantic relationships is needed because it is one of the most important ways to show youths how to care about others and be compassionate.

As far as I am concerned, if students can manage their time reasonably and do not let it affect their studies, then developing a healthy romantic relationship is good for students’ growth and development. However, teachers and parents should give more advice to young people on how to handle the relationships..

  Lo Wing Sze (6C)

Studies or Romance?

Some students in Hong Kong are interested in romantic relationship between boys and girls and hope that they can develop this relationship with someone they love during studies. However, some consider that it will bring about some benefits or harm. As we are students, we should know how love affairs affect us.

Usually our parents and teachers disapprove of students to develop romance. The main reason is that studies are vital to all students; therefore love affairs should wait after form F.7. In fact, romance will make students hard to concentrate on their studies as they always need to spend time on their boyfriends or girlfriends. For instance, they will go out during holidays or have a celebration for their lover’s birthday. If they don’t know how to allocate their time, they won’t have enough time to study. This will affect their school results. Besides, most teenagers do not know how to control their emotion. They will always miss their partners when they do not see each other. If the romantic relationship breaks, they feel sad and need time to calm down or do something to express their sad feelings. These feelings will affect their study mood and make their parents worried.

On the other hand, some say that young people can gain great benefit from a healthy romantic relationship. Firstly, they can encourage each other on their studies or other things. For example, they can go to the library to have a revision together. When one of them is depressed, the lover can support him or her. If this relationship is healthy and happy, it makes the teenagers study more willingly and efficiently. Then the romantic relationship can be a good experience for the young people even if it breaks since they can know what a love affair is and how to communicate with their lover.

Even if both of the views are right, I think that love affairs mostly bring bad effects for students. Most of the teenagers are seldom aware that this relationship will affect their school results. What they only think about is the happiness that they can get. Moreover, they don’t realize that this will waste their time when they spend time on their lover. Some also waste their money to buy presents for their lover to express their love. Is it worth doing so? The young people can be encouraged by their friends, not only their lover. Even if the love affair can give some benefits to the young people, it is only for someone who can control their emotion suitably. However, most of the students can’t do that.

In my opinion, our schoolwork is the most important thing that we must consider. We have a lot of time in the future so the romantic relationship should be developed after our studies.

Chan Tik Hei (6C)

The More You Study, The More Chances to Have a Good Companion

Many said romantic relationship between boys and girls should be avoided during study period. On the contrary, teenagers feel that having a girl-friend or boy-friend reveals that they are mature people. The situation is so common that students from F.4-F.7 are willing to have a companion to fall back on.

Teenagers think that having romantic relationship merits a passing nod because they envisage that they can go out of their way to anticipate for studying and also dating with companions. Also, they can encourage and show concern mutually. Some adolescents think that it is a mature behavior for them to have a companion. They think it will make parents not so worried about them and let them do more things. Moreover, having a girl-friend or boy-friend will bolster confidence in them and make them more aggressive on studying since encouragement is received. Teenagers appear to be at ease with their companion since they tell everything to their companions. It is true for some cases that companions may change the point of view and behavior towards something.

It is also true that having romantic relationship will lead to distraction in studies. They will be hailed as neglect of and as a threat to his work in school. This may affect the academic results in examinations. Parents restrain their sons or daughters to have a companion at study period because they think that teenagers should concentrate on studies and have a companion later. Teenagers may try hard to amuse their companions. On this point, they may do lots of things for their companions on dating. So, another disadvantage is wasting money. Teenagers may use money on dating including buying flowers, tickets for movies, presents when it is the birthday of companions, cost on traveling, etc. It will lead to over-spending. Because of the romantic relationship with their companions, they will be partial on their boy-friends or girl-friends. When parents do not like their sons or daughters to have romantic relationship with their companions, it is difficult for the family to get along harmoniously. However, if the companion is so disloyal and cunning that he or she wants to trick you in a fraud to rip you off, then you will become unassuming and timid for having romantic relationship and lose confidence in doing everything. This includes studying at school and also communication with family.

Actually, it is necessary to contemplate for having romantic relationship during studying because the influence may be very great. Parents' concern is so vital because they have the responsibility to correct the delusion of the teenagers. As a student, I recommend that teenagers should concentrate on studies in school since it is paramount for us to have good qualifications before having a companion. It is beneficial since having high qualifications is one of the conditions for boys or girls to choose their companion.


Fok Wai Lam (6C)

Young people should love?

Nowadays, the pressure of studies and examinations places a great load on young people as they grow up and develop. Some say that schoolwork is important that romantic relationships between boys and girls should wait unit after Form 7. Others say that a healthy romantic relationship between two young people can be of great benefit to both of them. Then, which is right?

Some people believe that romantic relationships will have many bad influences on the young people. As the young people are not mature enough, they don’t know what love really is. They are just curious about romantic relationship and want to try. As a result, they spend a lot of time on it and do not concentrate on their schoolwork. Young people like shopping, seeing a film and talking on the phone with their boyfriends or girlfriends. However, these are very time-consuming. If they waste a lot of time on romantic relationship, they will gradually neglect their schoolwork. However, schoolwork is very important for them, especially the Form 5 and Form 7 students who have to face the public examinations. They have to concentrate on studying. Therefore, people believe that a romantic relationship will occupy all the time and the mind of young people, and that’s why they think that love should wait unit Form 7.

Nevertheless, some say a healthy romantic relationship between two young people can be of great benefit to both of them. Since young people have a great pressure from studies and examinations, they need someone to support and care for. A boyfriend or a girlfriend can be the good person to share with. They can share the happiness and sadness with each other and face difficulties together. Thus, a romantic relationship may be a source of energy for young people in their studies. Therefore, they can have mutual support, work hard together and have some objectives such as studying in Form 6 or entering University. As a result, a healthy romantic relationship between two young people can be of great benefit to both of them.

In my point of view, although healthy romantic relationship may be of great benefit to young people, I still do not support it. This is because it is difficult to find a healthy romantic relationship now. Young people have already got many distractions, which will affect their studies. A romantic relationship would inevitably affect the academic performance to a certain extent. For example, they
will consume some time to celebrate for the Valentine’s Day, instead of using for studying. However, I will still support them if these young people can strike a balance between study and the romance.