Tips for Paper IV

Practice for Paper IV is perhaps the most difficult for students. There are no quick, last‑minute solutions, but there are ways you can improve your knowledge of and confidence in spoken English.

1 Meet other students and friends and speak in English to each other. You don't have to speak for very long (5‑10 minutes), but try to do this every day. If someone speaks Cantonese, make them pay a forfeit!

2 If you keep a journal/ diary, then record your journal on a tape recorder in English.

Listening, reading and writing practice will also help you with Paper IV. You will become more familiar with how English is used. You will constantly learn new vocabulary and phrases and listening will help you with your pronunciation.

1 When you are at home, turn on the English radio or listen to English music.     

2 Watch the English channels on TV.

3 Watch English films.

4 Read English books, newspapers and magazines.

5 Look for the English around you: public signs, shops, tourist information, etc.


Remember, the most important thing is to have English in your life every day, not just in the classroom!                            



1 read through the instructions clearly during the preparation time and ask yourself:

• Who am 1?

• What is my name?

• Why am 1 asking these questions?

• Who is Examiner 1?

• Who is Examiner 2?

2 ask your questions clearly and write them down so you don't forget them when the interview begins.

3 remember to smile and show the examiner you are ready to start.

4 if there's something you don't understand, clarify and check with the examiner.

5 if you are uncertain about your answer, apologise and explain before you give your answer.




1 initiate the discussion ‑ someone has to, why not you?

2 keep the discussion going ‑ don't let there be a silence in the discussion.

3 keep to the topic and your role.

4 be polite.

5 if there is something you don't understand, ask for an explanation or more details.

6 help the other students ‑ be supportive.

7 take turns so no one is too talkative or too quiet.

8 remember there are no right or wrong ideas ‑ what is more important is how you express yourself in English.