Tips for Paper I



1 read in English as much as you can, as often as you can. This is the best way to improve your writing.

2 read books, magazines, letters, advertisements ‑ anything that will help you become familiar with the way English is used.

3 skim (read quickly) through articles or stories to try to get an idea of the main points.

4 ask yourself questions while you are reading (Who/ Where/ When/ What/ Why?) to help you understand,

5 use simple English that you understand, but make your compositions interesting.

6 keep your work neat and easy to read.




1 use long words or phrases which you don't understand.

2 learn phrases or paragraphs off by heart. An examiner will know if you have used sentences you have memorised.

3 write half your composition and then change your mind and start again. You do not have time, so plan well and you will know what you are going to write and in what order.

4 spend too long choosing a topic.

5 plan your essay in Chinese. Try and think in English and your writing will be better.

6 worry!! Read and enjoy English and your writing will show it!