Tips for Paper II

Before the exam


1 Read English newspapers, magazines, stories and books as much as possible.

2 Listen to English radio.

3. Watch English television.

4 Use English with your friends and classmates.

5 Keep a vocabulary notebook. Make lists and revise them regularly, e.g. phrasal verbs, opposites, irregular verbs and vocabulary for topics.

6 Check the grammar section of your textbooks.

7 Find words you have never seen before and try to work out the meanings without a dictionary.

8 Choose a newspaper article and use it to practise reading quickly to understand what it is about. Do not spend more than a minute or two!

9 Choose tables and schedules from the newspaper to practise finding specific information quickly, e.g. TV listings, weather report, horoscopes, letters to the editor.

10 Remember that the more English you can use and understand, the better your score will be on Paper II. Doing only grammar exercises and past papers will not help! Make English a part of your life!


In the exam


1 Don't spend too long on any one question.

2 Check the time regularly.

3 Use the techniques you have been practising.

4 Remember that a guess is better than no answer at all.

5 If you don't know the meaning of a word, look at the words around it. You may be able to make a correct guess.

6 In multiple choice and matching exercises, cross off your options as you choose them.

7 Leave the difficult questions to last.

8 Reread your answers to check that they sound right.

9 After completing the paper, look back to make sure you have answered all the questions.