F.6 Mega Salesman Arena - Scripts

First Prize
Emotion-Erasing Hammer by Wong Man Shan & Tang Lai Chu (6B)

Hong Kong has been troubled by Sars. The government. Officials are incompetent. Many people suffer hardships. So, they are depressed.

Worry, fear, depression, anger, madness are filled up Hong Kong people's hearts. Therefore, our company has invented the magical emotion-erasing hammer to help all of you to release the bad feelings. Let's demonstrate the use of our hammer.

Whenever you are scared by the death rate of Sars or annoyed with wearing face masks. Are you ready?
Pick up the card of Sars and hit on it with our fantastic hammer.

Whenever you miss your idol Leslie Cheung or our hero - those health care workers, you can just pick up the card of them, and hit on it ...softly, gently. Hang it on the wall to show your respect for them.

Whenever you are sacked by your boss unfairly or you have been looking for a job for a year already. That's easy. Pick up the card of unemployment rate and hit on it!

Whenever you are depressed, angry at our Chief Executive Mr. Tung Chee Wah's stupid policy. You are even getting mad!

Pick the card of Mr. Tung. Hold the hammer tightly and this time you can add some ketchup on the hammer! Certainly, what we do next is, hit silly Tung again and again !
Then, 'HA" you are relaxed!

Hey hey hey...what are you waiting for? Just pick up the phone and call the Hotline at the back!
Phone: 12 123
Don't worry, be happy!

Second Prize
True Love Matchmaking Agency by Wong Ka Yan & Wong Mei Fong (6B)

Boy(B): Nice to meet you.
Girl(G): Nice to meet you.
B: Oh! This lady is my snow white. She's really beautiful and elegant. I'm already 60. I truly hope I can marry her! Thanks for True Love Company! It brings me such a perfect lady.
G: Oh!! This old man is surely not my prince charming. He's fat and short. I'm 22 only. I don't want to spend my whole life with this ugly old man!!!
B: umˇKsorry. I'm a bit nervous today because it's the first time we meet. I feel sorry if I don't talk much today. UmˇK what are your hobbies?
G: I love outdoor activities very much and especially some ball games! I was the chairman of basketball club, football club, handball club, volleyball club and badminton club when I studied at school. How about you?
B: hahaˇKI don't think ball games are suitable for my age. I prefer indoor activities. I love reading and listening to classical music. But I go to the park to do Tai chi everyday.
G: (whisper) [how boring this old man is!!!] umˇKI see. Then have you ever been the chairman of any school clubs when you studied?
B: umˇKsorry, I haven't. I only studied in primary school and after that, I have already worked in society.
G: (whisper) [I got the master's degree of law. How can I love a person like him??? How can I spend my whole life with an illiterate?] Um never, mind. What's your occupation now?
B: Well, my job is quite boring. I don't think you have much interest in it.
G: (whisper)[boring?! I hope you are not a security guard!!] um never, mind, we can share experience and know more about each other.
B: I'm the financial consultant of Lee Ka Shing. I just give my advice to him and actually, it is not very challenging.
G: (whisper) [Oh!! financial consultant of Lee Ka Shing?!] Then, how much is your salary?
B: umˇKabout $10000
G: (stand up) only $10000 per month??!!
B: No, no, it's $10000 per minute.
G: You' re really aspiring and smart! I love you. You are my perfect husband. Thank you True Love Company!
Together: True Love Company!! The best matchmaking agency for you!!

Third Prize
Coca-Colour Company by Ng Chun Kit, Chan Lin Kit (6A)

Kit: (Amazing) Oh! What's happened? (After a while) What's this?
Linda: Just guess it.
Kit: Is it a pencil box?
Linda: No.
Kit: Is it a computer?
Linda: Of courser not
Kit: Then, what 's this?
Linda: You try this first.
Kit: (After Drawing) Well, the vanilla smell added with the white colour. (Enjoyable) Oh ye better!
Kit: OˇKCoca-colour vanilla. Is there any special content in this product?
Linda: Xylasaur.ah! Yeah!
Linda: (Singing) LaˇK this is our product. This is coca colour vanilla. If you try this, it will be
Kit: (Amazing) Dinosaur? How come? How do you put a dinosaur is a colour pen?
Linda: Hey guy! Don't be silly! It should be Xylasaur, but not dinosaur.
Kit: Xylasaur.
Linda: It's a substance that can prevent us from allergy when we use the colour pen.
Kit: Oh that's so amusing. Can you give it to me?
Linda: Of course not. It's not so expensive. It costs only $5. You can buy it in the Seven-Eleyant.
Kit and Linda : (Singing) Everyday coca-colour.