KY: Hi Florence. Do you want to improve your English?
LF: Of course. If I failed the UE examination in the second term, I might not be promoted to F.7. I'm worrying about it.
LF: KY, do you think English is difficult to learn?
KY: Yes. That is because my English is not good. I study all the other subjects in Chinese, so I do not understand many English vocabulary items.
LF: How can you learn more vocabulary, then?
KY: I think I can learn more vocabulary by reading.
LF: Yes, I think so.
KY: What kind of English materials do you read?
LF: Newspaper, fashion magazines and cookery books.
KY: Is that helpful?
LF Yes, these are all my favourite books. I am very interested in reading these books, so it is easy for me to bear the new vocabulary in mind.
KY: So you mean choosing reading materials is very important, right?
LF: Certainly, interesting books will motivate me to read more.
KY: How can you improve English in school?
LF: I have joined the F.6 Intensive Self-Enhancing English Scheme. I can have discussion with Donald in the Lunch Forum. I also write some essays on the topics from the UE exam past papers.
LF: How can you improve your English at home?
KY: I like to watch English programmes on TV, e.g. "Sesame Street", "ER". I like listening to English folk songs too. These can train my listening skill.
LF: Do you like speaking English with people?
KY: No, that is because my pronunciation is very bad. I am afraid of talking with people in English.
KY: Then, how can you improve your oral English?
LF: I will listen to the tape of our listening textbook. Sometimes, I will read out some English articles loudly to myself.
KY: Wow, you are so hard working! Do you have any improvement in English?
LF: Thanks! Actually, I have made some improvement. But I still very often make mistakes in the basic sentence structures. I will do more grammar exercise to avoid making these mistakes again.
LF: Have you ever thought of giving up English?
KY: No. Never. I want to finish F.7 studies and pass the AS Level Exam. Although English is a very big problem for me, I will not give up. English is very useful in society. With a better standard of English, I have more chances to get a job or further studies.
K&L Dear friends, "Practice makes perfect"!


F.6 Morning Assembly - March 19, 2003

Presented by Leung Ying Fun & Lam Kai Yuen (6A)