Sharing about SARS from 6C

M: Miss Choy Ka Wing Karina C: Chung Chi Ling L: Lam Ngai Tony

M: Dear all, I'm happy to be here today. There's really a long time we haven't been to school. I think nobody denies the enormous impact of SARS to us. News of SARS cases capture the headlines for a month. Most of us have surely heard a lot about the incident.

Today, I'm happy to invite two of my 6C students, Chung Chi Ling and Lam Ngai to share their feelings towards the incident and let them have a chance to experience speaking up under the masks.

Hey, Chung Chi Ling, I've heard you've been to Shenzhen since late March and was just been back on Monday. What have you learnt about SARS when you were in Shenzhen?

C: When I was in Shenzhen, I seldom saw people wearing a face mask. Most people know that wearing a face mask can help to prevent the illness, but they will not do it because they think they are not the unlucky one. It was so strange to wear a face mask on the street. The atmosphere in Shenzhen was totally different from that of Hong Kong.

M: I remember that both of you didn't wear masks before school closure and I've asked you the reasons. Do you remember?

L:I feel strange to wear a mask because nobody is wearing a mask on the street. As you can see, I am a fat boy. I usually feel hot and sweat easily. Therefore, it is hard for me to wear a mask for a whole day. And also when I wear a mask, I find that it is hard to breathe. It makes me feel very uncomfortable. Hence I do not like to wear a mask. Before the school closure, I think that the SARS is not very serious, I believe that I won't be infected. I believe that if one has smelly breath, he won't like to wear a mask .

C: Yes, at that time, wearing a face mask was very strange. It seemed that wearing a face mask meant that you got the illness. Moreover, I did not think that wearing masks could effectively prevent infection or transmission of the disease. It was my destiny if I got the disease. If I wear a face mask, I can breathe in some bad smell from my mouth easily, which makes me feel uncomfortable. That is the reason I didn't wear masks at that time.

M: How do you feel when you heard about you had to wear masks to school?

C: When I'm back to Hong Kong and got the news, I know that I have no choices. It is an effective measure to prevent the SARS. However, wearing a face mask means that school is not a safe place. If some students get the illness, who will be responsible for it? Therefore, it is much better delaying the opening of the school.

L: But as the SARS has not been under control, the school closure cannot last forever. It is a suitable time for the opening of the school. When I heard about I had to wear masks to school, I feel very troublesome.

M: Yes, it's really uncomfortable wearing masks. Yet, as you say SARS cannot be controlled in a short period, that's the reason the government resumes classes in phases. How about wearing masks? Do you find it necessary?

C: Yes, it is necessary. As Lam mentioned that the SARS has become more and more serious, we should wear a face mask to protect ourselves , our family friends and people around us.It can also prevent the SARS and spread of SARS.It is a strong measure to tackle this crisis.

L: Although wearing a mask cannot give a 100% protection to us, it is still one of the most effective ways. As the SARS is getting worse and worse, I think that it is necessary to wear a mask at school. As we are not sure whether we had already been infected wearing a mask can not only protect us but also can protect the people around us.

M: It seems that both of your views towards wearing masks changed after this holiday. I suppose you are familiar with the precautionary measures exercised in school. Aren't you?

L: Of course. Everyday when I watch TV or read newspaper, I always find that it talks a lot about the precautionary measures such as washing hands before or after wearing a mask, checking your own temperature regularly, when you get a cough, you should not be hesitant. You should go to see a doctor immediately. Also you should clean your home by antiseptic.

C: Besides, we should develop a healthy lifestyle in order to build up body immunity. For example we should have a develop diet and get enough rest.

M: Aside changing our living habits , SARS causes enormous impacts to our society.

C: Because of the SARS, Hong Kong's economy is further worsened, especially the tourists industries. They are adversely affected. Very few tourists visit Hong Kong. The once most crowded districts in Hong Kong such as Mongkok and Tsim Sha Tsui are extraordinary empty and placid. Besides, Hong Kong's hygiene and health care is being doubted.

L: However, from a more optimistic point of view, SARS does have positive impacts to HK. It raises public concern about the community hygiene of HK. HK becomes much cleaner than before. What's more, the outbreak also bolsters cohesiveness of the society and binds the HK people together.

M: Yes, I share you view. A society cannot be made up of a single person. I think every citizen shares a responsibility of our society. It's really time for us to think about our role to society.


F.6 Morning Assembly - April 23, 2003

Presented by Chung Chi Ling & Lam Ngai (6C)