Sky Lin:

I would like to share experience of my duties as a head prefect. Firstly, although it has been half year since I assumed my position, I still find it hard to allocate duties. I need to consider whether the prefects are free to carry out the duties. I also need to give them instructions from time to time. But sometimes my plan cannot work out as some prefects may be occupied by other things. Some may even forget the duty as they are busy with their study. So problems are unpredictable.

The second thing I want to talk about is how the Sars has affected the prefects. As you can see, an increasing number of prefects have been deployed at the school entrance to check the body temperature record form in the morning. These prefects need to wake up very early. Extra workloard puts stress on them. So, I would like to thank all of them for their dedication to their duties.

Although being a head prefect is a hard job, I enjoy it very much. I have learnt a lot from it. To me, it's a valuable experience.

Letty Wong:

I'm sure you know what I'm going to share with you today i.e. my feelings of being a head prefect. At the begining of form 6, I was really surprised by being asked to take up this post. The only one girl who was chosen. I'm very proud of it. Surely, I accepted this job without thinking much as I know it's a good chance to learn how to deal with others. The second reason was, being a head prefect seems smart. Addmittedly, I didn't think I would would face any difficuly at that time.

Maybe you don't agree, but I can tell you sincerely that it's a challenging task. After sports day and parents' day, I felt mentally and physically exhausted. We needed to be in charge of the whole prefect team, running here and there for the whole day. We were not only tired, but also frustrated since we kept receiving complaints whatever we did. How disappointing it was!

By the way, the most important thing we should do is to keep a good interpersonal relationship with prefects . We need to give prefects support by saying some ecouraging words, and let them know they are not alone; head prefects and the whole prefect team are together with them. After knowing the abilities and characters of a
prefect, we have to organize suitable job for a right person. although those problems we face make us tired, I can
tell you firmly that it's rewarding!


F.6 Morning Assembly - May 21, 2003

Presented by Head Prefects: Letty Wong & Sky Lin (6B)