Leung: Congratulations! Your performance was really impressive. How did you come up with such a brilliant idea?

Tang: Hong Kong people have been plagued with lots of stress. They need a healthy way to release pressure.

Leung: What preparations did you do for the competition?

Wong: We modified our script several times until we were satisfied. We did shopping and bought gloves, note cards, balloons, etc. I drew the pictures and Margaret made the hammer. On the day of competition, we practised several times in the morning.

Leung: Were you satisfied with your performance? Why did you win the competition?

Wong & Tang: We tried our best. Though we were scared, we still had good confidence. We did not feel shy to act. We memorized the script very well. We think that good preparation is essential for success.

Leung: I'm glad that the 6B team gave us a great performance. The ideas were superb and the gimmicks were effective. The team displayed good cooperation. I hope that they have benefited a lot from this competition and they will be more confident in using the language.


F.6 Morning Assembly - May 29, 2003

An interview with the winners of F.6 Mega Salesman Arena Letty Wong & Margaret Tang