Mr. Leung:
How can you build up a solid foundation in English?
Katrina: My English was quite poor when I started my primary school. I have made steady improvement since then. I spend an hour a day reading English books. I also watch English TV programmes. In this way, I learn how to pronounce words accurately and speak English with the right intonation.

Mr. Leung: Have you come across any difficulty in learning English?

Katrina: Certainly, pronunciation is my biggest problem as I always find words I don't know how to pronounce correctly. I need to look up the dictionary. When I am still not sure, I will ask teachers or friends.

Mr. Leung: What is your advice on improving English skills?
Katrina: I think reading storybooks can help. We can enrich our vocabulary and brush up our writing skills when reading regularly. When we see some new words we don't know, we can write them down on a notebook and memorize them. Use them in writing.

Mr. Leung: How much time do you spend on English each day?
Katrina: Actually, I don't force myself to have a timetable. I think getting interest in English is more important. We can watch interesting English TV programmes, listen to English songs and read English newspapers and magazines. These can help us enjoy learning English.

Mr. Leung: Why are you interested in learning English?
Katrina: Everyone knows that English is a common language in the world. I believe it can help me a lot not only in study but also in daily lives. Also, when I listen to English songs, I can understand the meaning of the songs easily.

Mr. Leung: Is it important for F.6 students to raise their English standards?

Katrina: Absolutely. A good command of English not only helps us go to university, but also enables us to have effective communication in daily lives. I can talk to people in English with full confidence.


F.6 Morning Assembly - March 3, 2003

An interview with Katrina Wong
Katrina Wong (6B) came first in English in the first term examination. She is chairlady of English Club.