1. Do you think a good atmosphere in school can help students learn English?

Definitely. A language-rich environment can stimulate students' interest in English because they can get in touch with English every day and use it regularly. For example, when everybody speaks English in school, it becomes a school culture and students will not feel shy when speaking English.

2. Do you think our school environment is conducive to English learning?

There are positive aspects. There are good facilities provided by the school such as library and MMLC. The English Department provides plenty of resources for us to learn and enrich our English knowledge. Activities organized by English teachers, the NET and English Club are very helpful. Participating in these activities gives us opportunities to practise our English and gains skills in using English. I highly recommend the English Department website where helpful links, language exercises, quizzes and good essays are available. With these valuable resources, we can enjoy learning English. Also, the Self-Enhancing English Scheme can arouse students' interest in English and motivate them to learn. Despite ample opportunities, some of us never treasure them. The fact that students seldom use English explains why they can't get desirable result in English. I know, very often students who participate in Lunch Forum feel shy to talk and share their opinions. Well, opportunities are in your hands, don't let them go! Remember what our vice-principal said "Eager to learn and be diligent."

3. How can our school create a more favorable environment for learning English?

To create a favorable environment for learning English, we could broadcast English songs during lunchtime. Students can learn vocabulary from lyrics and improve their intonation. Another way is to have lyrics dictation during English lessons; it helps us improve listening. You know, students always need a push. Perhaps we could have competitions like English poem writing or lyrics composing to boost students' eagerness to use English. Then students will not be shy to use English during English lessons or spare time. I hope we can turn these suggestions into actions.

4. How can our students avail themselves of our school's resources to improve their English?

As I have mentioned, students should treasure the resources given by the school and take action like going to the library to borrow English story books and listening tapes, participating actively in language activities and the most important thing is to pay unflagging attention throughout English lessons or you will miss chances to learn, to practise and enrich your English knowledge. What I mean is we should have motive to learn the language, English, which can pave our way for future success. Remember, never let a chance go and polish your English.


F.6 Morning Assembly - March 11, 2003

An interview with Choi Yuk Yam
Choi Yuk Yam (6B) is vice-chairlady of English Club.