Tense Table

Simple Continuous Perfect
Present Active He takes it.
He does not take it.
Does he take it?
He is taking it.
He is not taking it.
Is he taking it?
He has taken it.
He has not taken it. 
Has he taken it?
Passive It is taken.
It is not taken.
Is it taken?
It is being taken.
It is not being taken.
Is it being taken?
It has been taken.
It has not been taken.
Has it been taken
Past Active He took it.
He did not take it.
Did he take it?
He was taking it.
He was not taking it.
Was he taking it?
He had taken it.
He had not taken it.
Had he taken it?
Passive It was taken.
It was not taken.
Was it taken?
It was being taken.
It was not being taken.
Was it being taken?
It had been taken.
It had not been taken.
Had it been taken?
Future Active He will take it.
He will not take it.
Will he take it.
He will be taking it.
He will not be taking it.
Will he be taking it?
He will have taken it.
He will not have taken it.
Will he have taken it?
Passive It will be taken.
It will not be taken.
Will it be taken?
It will be being taken.
It will not be being taken.
Will it be being taken?
It will have been taken.
It will not have been taken.
Will it have been taken.