ESL Games & Activities

Websites Description
English Word Games word games
Kids Domain children's online games
Children Only ESL-EFL children's online games
Interesting Things for ESL Students word games, puzzles
Primary Games educational games for elementary students, puzzles
Quia English activities
Stickman Murder Mystery murder mystery games
The Neverending Tale an interactive choose-your-own-path adventure story
The Spywatch Adventure interactive stories with notes for teachers
Mystery Net Com mystery games for reading & writing with lesson plans
Wacky Web Tales complete cloze stories with designated parts of speech
Ladybird games and stories with notes for teachers
Sesame Street stories
Global Story Train illustrated, collaborative creative stories
Fun Brain Com. language games
English-Zone Com story writing, fables, fun stuff
Grandpa Tucker's Rhymes & Tales stories, silly poems & songs
Alfy Storyville interactive stories, games, songs
LiveABC picture dictionary with sound
Learning EducCities 小英網 (primary) vocabulary - aphabet, animals, numbers, time
stories, games, songs
listening games: sentence maker, matching, alphabet
Storycola 故事可樂
listen to stories
Read With Your Children Story of animal, Story of life, Story of tradition
Phonics Games phonics activities games: vocab., structure, punctuation, parts of speech
阿毛成長樂園 vocabulary, games
Story Place on-line stories and activities for children