Quiz 7
Common Errors - Sentence Fragments

Gammar Notes

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1. Within each group, a wide range of features to choose from.
  (a)The sentence is correct.
  (b)There is no main verb in the sentence.
  (c)Cross out the word 'to'.
  (d)Join the two phrases with 'and'.
a b c d
2. Although he worked hard and prepared well.
  (a)The sentence is correct.
  (b)Add 'he' after 'and'.
  (c)Add a comma after 'hard'.
  (d)It is a dependent clause and a main clasue should be added.
a b c d
3. Making up his mind quickly. Jim ordered two dozen red roses for his wife.
  (a)The sentence is correct.
  (b)Change the first full stop into comma.
  (c)Use 'and' to join the two sentences together.
  (d)Put the first phrase after 'wife' and change the full stop to comma.
a b c d
4. Which sentence is NOT a sentence fragment?
  (a)Driving in the city during the evening rush hour.
  (b)Mary gone to visit her mother at the hospital.
  (c)The small, one-story houses are all the same size and style, with no difference except the colour.
  (d)Not realizing at the time that we would never enter that door in her home again.
a b c d
5. Which sentence is NOT a sentence fragment?
  (a)To apply for a job at the new store in the mall.
  (b)Asking the interviewer how often he would have to work on weekends.
  (c)To prove to himself and the manager that he is a capable man.
  (d)Shaking his new boss's hand, Tony knew he would like working there.
a b c d
6. Which sentence is NOT a sentence fragment?
  (a)The nineteen-year-old car looked out of place next to the new models.
  (b)Who borrowed Susan's car Saturday night.
  (c)Which the salesman was surprised to find in such good shape.
  (d)Not realizing at the time that she would never return the car.
a b c d
7. Which sentence is NOT a sentence fragment?
  (a)While waiting for her neighbor to move the car that blocked the driveway.
  (b)To avoid hitting the other car, Michael had to back across the corner of the lawn.
  (c)By making sure that no one will park across the driveway again.
  (d)If he had done carefully and checked clearly before he acted.
a b c d
8. Which sentence is NOT a sentence fragment?
  (a)When my cousin moved to London, after he finished school.
  (b)After he went to all the trouble of fixing up his apartment.
  (c)While living there, he made very few friends.
  (d)Lastly he going back to France.
a b c d
9. Which sentence is NOT a sentence fragment?
  (a)After doing a superb job of keeping his driveway clear all winter long.
  (b)Mostly because he was afraid of what his neighbors would say.
  (c)Howerver hard he tried and held his temper.
  (d)Not knowing what to do, Kevin gave up.
a b c d
10. Which sentence is NOT a sentence fragment?
  (a)That's what worries me.
  (b)As long as we don't lose our power in the night.
  (c)Sick of this weather and worried about his aging mother.
  (d) Handicapped people affected the most by this snow.
a b c d


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