Reading Aloud 14


I was very fat one year ago. I used to have bad habits. I used to eat a lot of snacks and fried food. I used to drink 4 glasses of cola every  I used to do exercise only in PE lessons. I used to watch TV for eight hours every day. I used to go to bed late so I was always late for school. read

Now I have good eating habits and live more healthy. I eat only a few sweets and a little fried food. I drink only a little cola. read I drink a lot of water every day. I go to bed early and get up early. I’m not late for school



1. habits (n) 習慣read
2. snacks
(n) 小吃read
3. fried food (ph)油炸的食物
4. exercise (n) 運動
5. healthy (adj) 健康的

Grammar points

1. used to
2. a few / a little