Reading Aloud 18


In Hong Kong, people pollute the environment. They use so many plastic bags. They also use so many disposable lunch boxes and chopsticks. read  They leave the tap on while they are brushing their teeth. They waste so much water. They take a shower for 30 minutes and they also waste so much energy too. read

To protect our environment, we could bring our own bags. We could also use our own lunch boxes and chopsticks. read We could turn off the tap while we are brushing our teeth. We could take a shower for 5



1. environment (n) 環境read
2. plastic bags
(ph) 塑膠袋read
3. disposable (adj)用完即丟棄的
4. chopsticks (n) 筷子
5. energy (n) 能量

Grammar points

1. so many / so much
2. could