Reading Aloud 20


Thank you for your patience and kindness, Miss Lee. You have made the classroom a nice place for learning. Your lessons were always enjoyable. You prepared so many useful materials for Thank you for your extra English exercises. They have helped us to improve a lot. read We will keep on working hard at our new schools.  I know I will miss you because you are a great teacher and a friend to me

I am sorry for being so lazy, Miss Lam. I forgot my homework and got low marks in tests. I am sorry for doing badly in dictation and fighting with classmates. read You gave me extra lessons so I am grateful to you. I hope we will keep in touch with each other. Enjoy your teaching! read



1. patience (n) 耐心read
2. materials
(n) 材料read
3. extra (adj) 額外的
4. grateful (adj) 感謝的
5.keep in touch (ph) 保持聯絡

Grammar points

thank you for / sorry for