Reading Aloud 6


Today my friends and I went cycling in Tai Po. In the early morning, I went to a fast food shop for

There were very few tables. I had to wait for some time to get a seat. As there was not enough time, I could not finish all the

After breakfast, I met my friends at the bus stop. We waited for a long time because there were a lot of people queuing up. After half an hour, we got on a bus. But there was very little space on the

We reached Tai Po at ten o’clock. We went to a rental shop to rent bicycles. There were very few bicycles to choose

Unfortunately, the weather changed suddenly. We did not have enough warm clothes. We had to go home. read



1. cycling 騎腳踏車read
2.queuing up
(ph) 排隊等候read
3. space (n)空間
4. rental shop (ph) 租賃商店
5. unfortunately (adv) 不幸地

Grammar points

very little / very few / not enough