Reading Aloud 1

Does birth order tell us about our personalities?

Firstborn children are usually organized. I’m not sure about this. My eldest sister Judy often forgets her tasks. Her desk is always dirty and she seldom tidies it! The eldest child is usually bossy too. Well, Judy does ask us to do things for her all the time!

My brother Andrew is the middle child. He sometimes does crazy things like dyeing his hair green! The middle child has lots of friends and is quite talkative.

I’m Sally, the baby of the family. I’m creative and I have lots of interesting ideas.



  1. friendly personality  性格
  2. organized 有條理的
  3. tidy the desk 整理
  4. Judy is bossy. 愛指揮人的
  5. Andrew is talkative. 健談的
  6. a creative girl 有創意的
  7. interesting ideas 有趣的