Reading Aloud 10

Thomas Edison loved to question things. He loved to learn how things worked. He also loved to make things work better. Many people think of him as one of the greatest inventors of all time.

Thomas Alva Edison was born on February 11, 1847. Al, as he was called, did not do well in school. He wanted to question and explore.

Edison invented ways to make the telegraph better. He earned his first patent, for an electric vote counter, in 1869. He and his team later found the right filament-the part of a light bulb that glows. People were amazed by Edison’s electric lights. Edison then made a system that could light a building and even a city.

During his life, Edison had 1,093 patents, which was a record at the time.


1. the greatest inventor 發明家
2. He wanted to question and explore 發問和探索

3. his first patent 專利

4. a light bulb 燈泡

5. people were amazed 感到驚訝

6. light a building 照亮
7. a record at the time 紀錄