Reading Aloud 12


April Fools・ Day is on or near April 1. It・s the one day of the year to play jokes on people. A common joke may be replacing sugar with salt. When people see that it・s a joke, yell :April Fools・!;

No one knows why April Fools・ Day is on April 1. It may once have marked the coming of spring. People were often :fooled; by the changing weather at this time of the year.

Internet April Fools’ jokes spread fast. One of Google’s famous jokes was a drink that is said to make people smarter. Follow certain rules during April Fools・ Day. Don・t be mean. If you・re going to make a joke, make sure you can take a joke in return. Many places around the world enjoy April Fools・ Day. Keep it safe and fun!



1. play jokes }丑
2. replace sugar with salt N

3. the changing weather 怒ほL`困儁

4. Don・t be mean L則

5. take a joke }o_丑

6. keep it safe and fun wSΤ曙