Reading Aloud 14


Karate is a martial art in which people don’t use weapons. The word karate means “empty hand”. Many people believe that karate began in the 1600s on an island between China and Japan. They came up with karate as a way to defend themselves. Now, karate is popular all around the world.

Karate students train at a dojo, or gym. When they enter a dojo, they bow their heads to show good manners.

While students earn belts, they learn many good habits, such as self-control and patience. Students earn new coloured belts in a certain order. The different colours of the belts stand for the colours of the sun, plant and sky.

For many years, people around the world have learned good habits through karate. They have also worked hard to become stronger and faster, and to earn new belts.



1. a martial art 武術
defend themselves 保衛
all around the world 世界各地
bow their heads 鞠躬
learn many good habits 習慣
stand for 代表
become stronger and faster 更強壯和敏捷