Reading Aloud 15

Lizzie Velasquez has a rare disease. It makes her look different from other people. When Lizzie was 17, she saw a video of herself on the Internet-‘The ugliest woman in the world’. It had four million views and thousands of unkind comments from cyberbullies about her appearance.

When she saw the video and the comments, Lizzie lay on her bedroom floor and cried. However, she recovered slowly and decided to start her own Internet channel to share videos of her story. To many, she is now an angel of hope and comfort.

These days, Lizzie still gets thousands of comments, but those are encouraging comments from different young people from around the world.



1. four millions views 瀏覽次數
2. unkind comments from cyberbullies 留言……網絡欺凌的人

3. an angel of hope and comfort 天使……慰藉