Reading Aloud 8


Water fills oceans, lakes and ponds, and it flows in rivers, streams, and underground. It is even in the air. Frozen water is found on some parts of Earth as snow and ice

Water covers over two-thirds of Earth’s surface. Salt water in the oceans makes up most of Earth’s water. Earth has much less fresh water.

Earth’s water is always changing from one state to another. When frozen water is heated, it melts and becomes liquid water. When liquid water is cooled, it freezes and becomes ice.

Rain keeps plants alive and allows them to grow. People and other animals need water to survive. We also use it for other purposes, such as fighting fires.



1. oceans, lakes and ponds海洋、湖和池塘
2. fresh water淡水

ice melts融化
water freezes凝結
need water to survive生存