Reading Aloud 9


Joseph Wan was only 14 years old when he started Support!Intl. He wanted to help children from poor families reach their goals and dreams.

Support!Intl started in Hong Kong in 2014. Within the first two years, the organization expanded to South Korea, Washington D.C., Taiwan and Hangzhou. Wan hopes that they will have more branches soon. He believes that it is important for young people to give back to their communities.

Wans father inspired him to start a charity. His father had very little money growing up. Through blood, sweat and tears, he saved enough money to go to university in the UK. Now, he is the director of a successful engineering company. Through Support!Intl, Wan hopes that he can make a difference to the lives of others.



1. reach their goals and dreams ؼСKKڷQ
start a charity
through blood, sweat and tears
He can make a difference